Onza Sticky Tire..

heres the blog post - http://municycle.ca/teamcanadablog/blog5.php
i think ill be posting most of my stuff through the UDC blog now, so look for reviews and videos there all the time!

Ive been getting quite a few questions about the onza sticky as of latley. So i think im going to write a little review on it.
I use to ride the luna quite a bit, it was really one of the only trials tires around back in the day. It was a fairly hard composite, but its all we had.

things i like about the sticky:

  • the softer compound in the center is great, having it in the middle and keeping the edges firm
    really helps out in those dire rolling side hop situations (almost no folding!)
    -Ive been riding it quite a bit and the tread is still pretty solid, so i think this one may last me awhile…
    -overall i feel its a great street tire

things i dont like:

  • i really hate how the red stripe isnt centered on my tire, i always think that my rim is out of true!
    -I have a feeling that the softer compound in the center, is going to where out quicker then sides…
    -not that great of a trials tire, but its better then the CC!

I recently got one of these tires too… I was mislead by the photo and got one with a gray stripe which looks… well I wanted red. I was going to save it for when I actually do exclusively trials… but I guess that hardly happens with me. I’m just gonna throw it on my uni now.

I’m pretty sure the one with the gray stripe is for 20" wheels.

I might buy a onza sticky, mostly because I don’t like the CC (it folds ALOT at low psi).

I thought I was getting the red which I thought was the 19" tire but I got the gray one when I ordered the red one and it fits well. You NEED a down hill tire lever to change it because the side wall is made not to bend and it will promptly break any plastic tire lever. BTW it still folds a little.


Thanks for the info! That’s helpful. I don’t think its possible to find a magical unfoldable tire… also I’m huge so that doesn’t help any. I’m gonna put it on when my Try-All is toast.

[QUOTE= BTW it still folds a little.


quite honestly, if you ride any tire with a low enough tire pressue it will fold. But from my experiences with using many different tires, ive found this tire to have the best results so far. Plus a lot of folding comes from your style as well, or how sloppy you are.

the tires ive tried in my lifetime:
-onza sticky
-shaved try-all
-maxxis hookworm
-old school monty, (one with the white stripe around it, cant remember the name)
-im sure theres some more in there…

Monty Eagle Claw beats every tire you mentioned, and any other not mentioned :sunglasses:

good thing this is a thread about the onza sticky then eh?
Not that im saying the eagle isnt a great tire, but for people who mainly ride street, im keeping the onza sticky on the top of my list. :roll_eyes: