Onza Sticky Fingers, good tyre?

Like the title says, is onza sticky fingers a good tyre?

They don’t have Maxxis creepycrawler in sweden, and I want to get
the new tyre along with a nimbus bc.

Does any of you know something about this tyre?

i don’t know but that looks really really grippy.


sticky fingers is a 20" maxis is a 19 i think

The sticky fingers comes in both standrd 20" and mod 19" sizes. I’ve only ridden the 20", but it’s completely different to the 19" so i can’t really give you much info. on it.

Re: Onza Sticky Fingers, good tyre?

I’ve got an Onza Sticky Finger 2.4" for my 20" unicycle wheel and it’s
fantastic. Highly recommended for trials.

yeah apparently the red section in the middle is composed of a softer more grippy material than the black outer part but it is then suceptable(sp?) too easier wear.

thanks for all replys. :slight_smile:

i think it stupid becouse you ride in the middle of the tyre. But when you hop
up a slant your on the side so really the soft composite should be on the outside.

Justin did a review of the Onza Sticky Fingers 19".
You may vew it here:


My thoughts exactly. For a bike, the tire makes more sense - but not for a uni. This is not a tire I’m going to try any time soon.

I looked at his review and it said he liked it, but on my uni the center tread
is the one thats worn and i got it november 15 so i think with a soft composite it would lose its tread alot faster and would help none.

Why would you want a soft center when your riding its retarded, what are you going to suddenly hydroplane and crash?
Furthermore if they do decide to make it softer on the outside and harder on the inside i will buy it.

softer on the outside and harder on the inside would be retarded. You might as well buy a tire with the same composite throughout the whole thing. Since im mainly a street rider, i really like this tire. For all of the reasons i stated. Honsetly this isnt a very good trials tire ( unless its for bikes).

touche lol

they have mcc in swed