Onza Respray

Hi, I have had my onza 20"/19" trials for about a year and a half now, the other day I decided it looket a little tatty due to scratches etc. So I have now removed all paint (using a spinney wire brush, the type you use in a drill) so the unicycle is in bare metal. I thaught it looked so good I am now going to tidy it up by sanding the surface smooth to give a brushed apperance (similar to the apperance of the Koxx Dan Heaton frame. Then to prevent it rusting, I will coat it in a few layers of clear metal lacquer. I have also purchased some clear vinyl decal paper from ebay and am going to print an onza logo and a logo saying “unbrand yourself” (made from different corperate logos). These will then be placed, one on each leg of the frame. I was just curious whether anyone had tried a laquer finish or if anyone had any usefull tips or hints as this will be my first time spraying.



shoulded rust unless it’s an iron frame :wink:
Any pics sounds cool.

The onza frame is made from mild steel (steel contains iron and a small amount of carbon), so unless protected (re the lacquer) , it will rust.

…I’ll try uploading pics later, cheers


that souns awesome. I think the DH frame from koxx looks the coolest out of all the choices and thats basically what you’re making so…cool! :sunglasses:

you learn somthing new everyday! :wink:

While you have no paint on it you should get someone to weld the tops of the frame so u dont have to use the plastic caps that come with the onza.
sounds cool anyways

Very true, however, for some reason, where the paint has been removed, where you would expect heat marks to be from the welding process, there arn’t any. The finish is just bare steel (other wise I would have worn through the plating by now, anyway, who would plate a unicycle with steel?), so I don’t know how it could have been welded without the heat marks showing. I would weld the tops on to the legs myself, but don’t want to spoil the apperance by causing heat marks as they would not match the other welds on the frame. I may just tack the top of the seat tube as a test, to see if heat marks are caused, at least that way it won’t show once the coller is put on, (i can just grind it off anyway).


As for the caps on the top of the frame legs…you could try to use a set of bmx bar-ends on/in them instead of the stock plastic caps…they would look alot cooler if they worked. Hoffman makes a bar-end that fits a very wide range of tube sizes(Hoffman universal bar-end, available at flatlandfuel.com), so that may work. How wide is the tube that needs to be plugged? Good luck! Post some pic’s when done!

I was thinking about that as I have a spare of bar ends, but I havn’t tried them yet, i was also thinking of using a hope “head dr”, as I have the innerds for 2 and spares can be purchased quite reasonably. :slight_smile:


Ok, so here they are, the photos are here, sorry about the quality, it was dark when I took them, the frame also has quite alot of finger prints on it…(my brother was messing around with it earlier). Just type “project onza” in to the gallery search to view the pics.