Onza problems

I have an Onza trials I bought a month or so ago, and for most of the time I’ve had it there’s been a bit of looseness somewhere in the crank/hub region. You notice the give when you stop, or when idling. But after a particularly heavy session it’s started making a slight clicking noise too. I’ve been able to temporarily stop the give in it by tightening the screw that goes through the middle of the the crank.(by the by. I’m not al that technically minded so I’m probably using the wrong terms for bits). But it’s rather annoying having to do it all the time. The little metal disk that surrounds the alan key hole has come out on the right hand side. Although it’s the left hand side I have to tighten. Does losing that little metal doo hick make a diference?
Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.

The onza hub on my muni makes noises occasionally. It’s a kind of creaky/ping noise when putting the power on in the opposite direction from before.

I found that just tightening the bolts doesn’t stop it; however, removing the cranks and putting them straight back on again does. It’s a fairly simple operation; the two times I’ve done it have been in the middle of nowhere during a ride. If nothing else it’s a nice excuse to admire the scenery for a bit, get a breather or watch mad bikers riding the bits that you daren’t… :slight_smile:

The metal ring doohickeys on the end make removing the cranks a lot easier. With them on you just undo the bolt and it pulls the crank off as it comes. Without them you’d have to pull the cranks off another way. Whether this is an issue depends on how tight the cranks are, but even after liberal applications of grease mine would be a bit of a nightmare…


Jim has an onza and his spokes came way loose so it could be that.

mine started with clicking then it became a constant tumbling drone, then I realized it was loose spokes, and from doing drops and stuff the wheel became un-true. but that was fixed, so i suggest checking your spokes, the “little metal disk that surrounds the alan key hole” are only dust caps

onza problems no longer

Cheers for that Phil. Just spent a somewhat hungover sunday morning doing as you suggested, and it appears to have done the trick. It must just be some sort of factory fault or something. But anyhoo, cheers once again.

Re: onza problems no longer

Must have been a good night… it’s still Saturday afternoon here… :slight_smile: