Onza - Out of Stock!

I finally decided to buy an Onza 20" Trials and have no money for the rest of summer - only it’s out of stock on unicycle.uk.com. Anyone know how long it takes for it to come back in? I need that uni - I’m currently riding trials on a beginners uni (20" Dodger) and have broken just about everything on it…

just get a dx or a nimbus trials with a qu-ax hub. if you have been doing trials on a beginner uni you dont need a kh hub and they cost way less

why not just get a new hub for your curent uni if it has a 2.5 trials tire that would be the best way to go

Try to order the unicycle at http://www.municycle.com, the biggest german shop for parts and complete unicycles…


The Dodger is a learner unicycle. It’s got a think tyre and a very UN-trials frame. Plastic pedals and a plastic seat.

I know, I’ve got one.

There’ no point in putting a splined hub on it, something else will only break, like the rim or something :S


do they have these on unicycle.uk? these are pretty good.

I bent my rim jumping down stairs today. Still ridable though :stuck_out_tongue: