onza or qu-ax?

Which one is a better trials unicycle? The onza or the qu-ax?

quax is stronger onza is lighter

I’m not sure. I’ve heard the onze has a really heavy frame.

I agree with primus.
I’ve tried both, and tha onza is lighter than the quax.

I’d go for the Qu-Ax, it’s stronger, it’s less expensive, the frame doesnt try to catch your pants all the time (the onza does) and if you get the MDC version (gel saddle + better pedals), you’ve got a really good unicycle for a really good price.

i have a qu-ax, my best m8 has an onza.

my qu-ax is so much stronger
his onza is so much lighter

qu-ax peddle suck!

that all i can say:D