Onza or Koxx Devil

What is best, the Onza Trials Unicycle 2005 or the Koxx Devil Trials Unicycle?

Please say which one and why :slight_smile:


Looks like you should go Onza…


I’m not just talking about what I should go for. The idea is to find out what people thing of these two unicycles, to see which one people think is the best and then I can make in informed decision about which one I am going to get. :slight_smile:

Well, you have a good start here, here, here, and here. :slight_smile:

Good for you, about making the best decision and wanting the best for your money. I would now say the Onza because the hub/cranks are more trustworthy.

Onza has THE best hub/crank set thats the most important part. It is the widest and the lightest hub, making for the strongest wheel.

the onza is realy good i love mine. it has taken maney big drops(6+) with no bends

Koxx is definataly better for sreet riding because it has no Q factor and is smother, and is strong for trials too.


You just like Koxx Evan.

I woluld prefered a combination, the onza with koxx seat. :smiley:

I´ve broken a pair of Koxx ISIS cranks on a drop… it was about 2,50m. My old onza (2003) is still in good condition and i have done the drop more than one time on it…

so i say: go for the new KH/Onza !!!

Smilymarco -The Onza looks a lot more solid than the Koxx, and has been tested by more people.

Is the Onza ok for street?


I have a nimbus trials ad i am gonna change after christmas. I was gonna get the koxx but from what people have said the onza is lookin better. Has anyone tried the Kris Holm 20" Trials Unicycle 2005 and will he upgrade that after christmas.


The KH 20"! It’s £310! Why not just buy an onza (£210) and use that £100 you would have spend on the KH, upgrading the Onza or saving it for repairs.

Is the KH really £100 better than the Onza? Anyone?

thats what i wanna know.


Yes it has a much lighter frame. (it looks way cooler to)

The frame is the only real difference, maybe a small saddle difference too. Its not worth it while you’re not pushing it to the limit of your equipment, I’ve been fine on an Onza for months, and i’ll be getting a new-design frame next year, with the knurled crown, but not before that. Its not worth the £100 unless you’ve destroyed an onza, or you’re trading up.


You could buy a kh 20" frame for the £100 you save… :wink:

Is an Onza Trials 20" with a KH frame better than a KH20" Trials? They cost the same! :wink:

No it’s not, the KH trials has a wider rim. And the seatpost/seat is different. Other than that I think they’re the same.