Onza Onza Onza

hey guys i just got My new Onza 20" trials uni and it is absolutely fantastic! This, i must say is the lightest splined uni that i have ever felt. The quality of this uni is awesome and with an aluminum seat post, hollow crank arms, KH seat, 36 spline hub, nimbus II style frame, Onza(made by alex) rim and awesome pedals strait out of the box you just cant go wrong. The cranks also have the “anti-ankle hit feature” which gives it an awesome feel, and actually i dont now why, helps my stillstands? This uni is an eyecatcher and leaves me drueling everytime i see it/ride it.

My overall conclusion of this uni is that everyone should have one and it is an awesome uni!

any questions about the uni just post away!

Remember to drink enough if you keep drooling all the time:p

Re: Onza Onza Onza

Oi! oi! oi!

By the way, do you or anyone know how much an Onza hub weighs in comparison to a Suzue or unicycle.com hub? Thinking of rebuilding my Coker at some stage with a splined hub for easy crank changes.

Once again…the does it fit a 3.0" tyre question…

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I don’t reccomend it, the Onza hub seems to be kinda thin (flange to flange), so it may weaken your wheel.

Also, for the sake of murde mental, I’d like to point out that aust is describing the trials version(I know because I saw the pics, and also he mentions the Onza rim “made by alex”, which implies 19"), which of course won’t take a 3.0.

And also, just for my own sake, ditto to aust. My onza is awsome!:smiley:

Actually, Alex rims come in 24" and 26" too. Onza also makes a 24" muni now, however it comes with a Kenda 2.6 tire. Now, it looks like they’re just using the Nimbus II frame, so in theory it should take a 3.0", unless those brake bosses are in the way (can’t quite tell from the picture).

But man, that Onza trials uni looks nice! I had thought about getting one before, but now I’m glad I waited for the 2nd generation to come out.

I think it does, I remember seeing that somewhere.