Onza Muni

I’m thinking of buying this unicycle, but I was wondering how strong it is. Also, on unicycle.co.nz (i think, it might be another one) it says it has a KH saddle. Is this true of the unicycle.com one?


Thanks :slight_smile:

I have been looking at the same uni, but have not bought it simply because of my economical situation. However, after what I have read and heard (I also e-mailed unicycle.com) it is a great cycle for the price. Anyways, I have not tried it, so I do not speak from my own knowledge.

The onza 24" is really great

I’ve bought the onza trials muni and it’s really fantastic - and, which is very important, you can do everythink with it!!! - So my suggestion is: by it!!:smiley:

Onza 24"

I have owned the Onza 24" for almost half a year now. It was my first serious Muni after learning to ride on a cheap no name Taiwanese 20" peice of S**T.
It is a good Unicycle. I have been happy with it but I would spend a little extra and go for the KH. I just got a KH29 last week for cross country and must say that it is a much better quality frame. Onza and KH jointly developed the cranks and hubs and the seat is a KH with an Onza logo.
The KH frame is just made much better. The finishing is better. I don’t like the exposed cut off tubes at the top of the fork. the design is better the welding is of higher quality and the magura brake mounts are solid blocks of metal not just folded sheet metal that has been welded on. In addition the bearing clamps are much more massive and do a better job. I have also had the chance to mount a KH 24 and must say that the balance is better than on my Onza 24". Spend an extra $70 and get the KH24 you will not regret it.


not to piss on your parade or anything Unicorn, but this thread was started about two years ago and i’d assume he’s done something about it.

but good write up!

it would be kind cool if he was still trying to decide though.