Onza Muni thoughts?

Hi people. I’ve been reading this group for a while now but now have something to post about. After learning to ride on a cheap 20" from eBay in July, and now used it past it’s intended limits (bent a few things on ~3ft drops etc, tried some local muni…), I’d like to get my first muni, which will preferably last, well, for ever. Has anyone used the 24" Onza Muni on UDUDC, who could comment on their experience of it?
I want to be able to try whatever I have the guts for without worrying about breaking it or needing upgrades - is the Onza splined hub/cranks setup strong enough to allow me to do that? I’d like to try drops up to maybe 6ft (I can dream!), do general muni/riding in to town etc, and can’t afford another unicycle :slight_smile:

  • Sam

I can’t speak of the entire onza muni, but I recently put the same hub in my muni. I absolutely love it… several times during BMW I think I would have bent normal cranks but these are rock solid. I guess it’s pretty much the same hub as on the trials uni, which a certain Simon oooop norf has done drops big enough to require permission from air traffic control before he starts. No, you need not worry about breaking it!

Incidentally, while I’m here, I notice you’re from Bath, which would appear to be 38.9 miles from where I am; there are several more unicyclists a bit further down too. If you want a ride, or to try a 24" or something, give us a shout… :slight_smile:


Hey, me too!

Nearly anyway.

I learnt to unicycle in Bath… I now live in Bristol.

I know there are at least a couple of other unicyclists in Bristol. (Not that I’ve actually managed to get organised enough to do anything with them.) Phil/Sam how many do you know? If you know a few more, we might have enough people to make it worthwhile organising a South-West unimeet/muni ride/hockey team/something.

Coo, more people!

I am in Yeovil; as far as I know there are no other unicyclists here, but I’ve only been here a month and a half so I could be wrong.

Ben (thinuniking) lives in Seaton, along with a few other people who ride down there. Paul Selwood and Sarah Miller live a bit further down in Exeter.

I’d definitely be up for a ride of some kind; muni, trials, you name it…


Re: Hey, me too!

There is a great sports hall in Whitchurch. It is absolutely huge and they will allow unicycling. We had a tournament there a long time ago.


I know of one other unicyclist in Bath, also called Sam. He’s been riding a while, but not really got into doing more than basic riding so far, but I think he’d probably be up for some meeting up or something. I also know that there’s at least one MUnier at Exeter Uni, although I don’t really know him, as he’s a friend-of-a-friend, but again, he’d probably be up for something. I’d love to do something, but probably can’t do Saturdays until after Christmas due to working in a shop (which is paying for my unicycling - a cruel irony). That and the distance will probably prevent me from doing Snowdon this Nov. (although it is only 5 hours on the train :wink: ). Why can’t there be big mountains down South? Ah well…

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ahem ahem, Brecon Beacons? They’re at least much closer to you and you can get right to the middle of them by fast train and then bus.


And if anyone does fancy going to them then give me a shout as it’s much easier to get that direction than to N. Wales for me.


In response to your original question…

I have the old Onza trials, and it’s great. No damage to the cranks, except superficial scratches from pedal grabs, and the hub is rock solid. The 24" is a great muni and probably your best bet.

Re: Onza Muni thoughts?

jynxzero <jynxzero.vpzei@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:
> I know there are at least a couple of other unicyclists in Bristol.
> (Not that I’ve actually managed to get organised enough to do anything
> with them.) Phil/Sam how many do you know? If you know a few more, we
> might have enough people to make it worthwhile organising a South-West
> unimeet/muni ride/hockey team/something.

Richard and Danny are both Bristol way. I expect there will be a number
of unicyclists at BOB4 in early december at the Bristol Uni student
union. Paul and I are in Exeter but planning on coming up to Bristol some
time to ride the Timberland Trail in Leigh Woods. There are pockets of
unicyclists all over the South West, next wednesday we are hoping to vist
Totnes and meet a few more at the Juggling club there. I’m still keen to
get a hockey session going , but havn’t yet managed to sort out a
hall… must try harder.


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Re: Re: Onza Muni thoughts?

That looks like good fun… there are some pictures of the place here.

How do you find all these places?!


I don’t dare try pedal grabs with mine; they’re just too damn shiny looking, I feel like I really should be polishing them and storing them in a display case rather than riding around with them… :slight_smile:

They’re not scratched yet, although it must have been close down Snowdon. I shall probably cry when the first scratch appears…



we should meet some time

Would it be possible to get some kind of rubber or plastic protective case/cover to preserve the shiny-unscratched-ness off beautiful cranks? Something to clip over the top and bottom of each crank to take the impact, like knee and wrist guards for bodies?

Maybe someone could build some and sell them to those among us who’s potential skill is hampered by the pride of new equipment? :slight_smile:

  • Sam

Alas! For it is too late; the right crank now has a scratch; not just any scratch, but a scratch RIGHT THROUGH the Onza logo… :frowning:

To pour huge lumps of salt into the wound, I wasn’t even riding the thing, I was making a bracket to hang them in the garage… :frowning:

Oh, cruel world!


still hope

you still got the other crank and the hub logo’s to protect

Before I got my Onza, I was riding a 24x3 for trials and the cranks were gonna get destroyed doing crank hangs, so I hacked up a punctured innertube, and strung it onto the crank, viola! It’s still there, even though it’s been retired from urban trials, and it still gets questions from fellow riders about it’s purpose. AS for you, Phil, on my left crank, it’s almost impossible to make out the bottom part of the onza logo, and the top is just barely visible. If you really care about looks, look at the uni from the unscratced side. Also, my frame is ultra scratched on the left side, cuz it always takes the hits when I bail out of a big hop. From the right side though, my uni looks good as new:( Gotta do some superficial damage…

This is why unicycle.com should offer the service of pre-scratching munis and trials unicycles before they ship them to you. It would be a very valuable service and would have saved you much grief.

Next time you buy a unicycle tell Roger to do a crank grab with it before shipping it to you. :slight_smile:

Or you could have him ship it to you with the cranks poking through the box and allow the postal service to do the dirty work.

Woo - my shiny new Onza 24" came yesterday afternoon, and I put it all together fine. My first impression was ‘oooh, this is big!’*. I thought I didn’t have the right allan key for the saddle clamp, so I put it away, to get one tomorrow, then later found a bag of old IKEA bits and pieces, complete with the correct size allan key! I love IKEA. So, now finished I decided to have a test ride, despite it being 11pm and raining gently. There weren’t many people out on the local streets in the rain on unicycles at that time of night (probably a good thing, as they’d have seen me wobbling everywhere). So, the point is: even at minimum, the saddle is too high. I’m only 5’8", but that’s hardly below average, and it’s only a 24" - what size people are these things designed for?! Probably a silly thing to ask, as most of you oldies will just say ‘hack a bit off’, but I’m not keen on attacking my new machine with a hacksaw the day after I get it. Is it an easy opperation, with good chance of success? I guess the Onza black aluminium seat post shouldn’t be too hard to cut, as aluminium is a fairly soft metal, right?


*I now fear Cokers greatly :slight_smile:

It’s easy.
It’s not an attack, it’s an operation, and it’ll leave no visible scars.
You have to take care that you don’t end up with a seatpost that’s too short, but the actual cutting is no problem.