onza muni sucks

My friend recently bought this uni and within a month the axel is already bent, the pedals have a lot of play, and the cranks come loose. This is very annoying because whenever i want to ride with him he can’t because of his broken uni. Go for the Qu-Ax, it is heavier, but it doesn’t break

that must be just a fluke uni because i have that uni and i havn’t had to do ANY repairs on it and i ride it hard and frequintly

which one are you talking about? the older one or the new one? The newer one has a kh/onza hub and crankset.

My 2005 has been ridden really hard for a while now and it’s not to bad. Its out of commision right now because I bent the rim pretty bad on a stairset, and I broke both of its stock pedals, but nothing serious. A $4.00 truing at the bike shop and a new pair of pedals solve those problems. All in all its been very good to me.

He has the newer one with the kh/onza hub and crankset.

Then your saying the '05 KH sucks too. That hasn’t been the general concensus. Was everything greased and tightened properly?

I’d have to agree here too. My cranks needed to be greased and tightened when I first got the MUni, but they’ve been solid ever since.

If he’s already bent the axle badly, it might be prudent for him to work on better form. It takes some serious abuse to break that crankset, and I somewhat doubt that anything cheaper than the '05 KH crankset will fare any better at same levels of abuse.

I love my onza. It’s holding up well. Doesn’t have too many heroics but more than enough weight on it.