Onza Muni $249

I was surfing through Uni.com’s website and found this unbelievable deal on new 2004 Onza Munis. Why buy a Torker DX when you can get an Onza for $40 more?


What a sick buy. :slight_smile:

i feel sorry for the poor saps that bought one at 349 or what-ever last week…i almost did.

What exactly is the difference between the 2004 and 2005 models to merit such a price difference?

Judging by the descriptions, there is no difference, except perhaps the 2004 is just leftover stock :thinking:

doesn’t have the '05 KH/Onza Hub crank set.

Is having the 05 KH/Onza Hub crank set worth that extra money considering what is already one there? I’m not entirely familiar with the strength of the '05 compared to the '04.

Incredible bargain for any splined setup. Mine arrives tommorrow.

My DX was $160 shipped …

So… you need a better calculator …

Sweet deal.
I have been trying to sell one to an unknown unicyclist HERE in Austin.

You’re right, it’s $45 difference RETAIL according to this:


Someone forgot to CALCULATE the fact that the Torker sucks.
People break them a lot, AND it cannot take a 3" tire.

'Nuf said.

unicycle.com does not always have the best deal.this is the case here.

paying $205+shipping for a T-DX is a compleat rip-off.

how long do you suppose it will be going on for? how many do you think they have in stock?

Oh … ? Is that so …?

You haven’t been reading much here anymore …?
Or you have short term memory problems …?

Take a look … there was a thread just recently about 3" tires and torkers …

There are several members here with 3" tires on thier torkers…

I haven’t see anyone say the DX sucks … just you …

No wonder you get so many arguements here … You really have a bad attitude.

Locally, (and on the Internet) I’ve seen more broken Torker frames (and unis) that any other modern unicycle.

You are correct in that I have a bad “attitude” regarding that product. It comes directly from how I have seen the product perform.

You are incorrect for ironically saying I have a bad attitude, while at the same time making a personal insult towards me. (Do us all a favor and raise these comments with me at CMW rather than address them here.)
IF you have a personal ego attachement issue with a sub-standard unicycle product, THEN you have issues.

In fairness to the company that makes Torker, I have heard that they are very easy to deal with when their product breaks.

Contrarily, I’ve seen a nice ABSENCE of Onza complaints (and KH/Onza 2005 as well).
That’s what this thread is about: Appreciating (and calculating) the value of the product in the subject line.

Get off your soapbox.

I have two DX’s. I’ve done 5 1/2 foot drops on both of them.

Im also sponsered by Torker. Go figure:p


opps :smiley: