onza limey

i just purchased an onza limey trials unicycle.

since its on sale, and i hate the maxxis creepy crawler, i told unicycle.com to take off the tire so i could order a try-all from renegade.

ill let you guys know how i like it.

Nooooo, you should have ditched the frame too. Make sure you wear leg protection with that frame. By that, I mean strap pillows to your knees. How is that an upgrade from your Koxx trials?

Be careful about the tops of the frame legs, they have plastic caps and once those get beat up a little and come off the metal can rip into your legs.

just put a nimbus 2 frame on there and it’ll be a GREAT trials uni, I would love to get one of those rims.

Tensiles are plenty strong for someone who has form. I would upgrade the frame to a KH and a CF base and it should be a pretty baller uni.

Tensiles alone cost 100, add seat, rim, etc and you got yourself a good deal.

I’ve hucked an 11 stair with mine, done numerous 6ft by 6ft gaps etc and they are fine. Manon is a very skilled trials rider, he should be fine with them. They also weigh a little more than half a pair of moments.

i have never hit my knees on my frame before. ever. lol.
i bought this uni cause it was cheap. ill probably upgrade the frame to s KH and paint it white. pm me if you have a used KH frame that you will sell me for 70 bucks

what do you mean by weigh more than half a pair of moments?
they lighter or heavier?

They are lighter. Like 2 Tensiles are like 1 and a bit Moment cranks, I think that’s what he means.

oh okay thanks.
do you know anything about the rim?

Onza hog rim. Essentially the same as KH but has hedgehog instead of round holes. 47mm wide, it’s a decent rim.

Hmmmm I’m curious: who would take the Onza Limey over the Nimbus ISIS w/moments???

I think I would they are ,until tomorrow at least, around the same price.

i liked the onza cause it was unique… but i didnt know about the crappy frame that came on it.