onza limey

im looking at the onza limey trials unicycle but have heard alot of bad press about the frame, apart form that ive heard that its an ok trials uni,

Has anyone got this uni? if you have can you please tell if it is any good or not.

i wont be doing that much on it as i am new to street and trials but would like to carry on useing it for a few years.


I think the frame is the main issue. There is a lot f tyre clearance and it look like the frame is slightly bigger at the crown, which means you may offen hit your knees.

Other than that, the unicycle is good and strong. Unless it’s the design of the unicycle you’re after, may I recommend to you the Nimbus ISIS trials. At your level, this unicycle is flawless. And when you get better and your level requires it, you are able to upgrade a few parts (IE the cranks and seatpost) to make the unicycle bombproof. What’s more, the nimbus ISIS is cheaper than the Limey.

Nevertheless, I have no doubt that the onza limey will suffice.

i think ill get a Nimbus ISIS trials with the union flag seat or a koxx because they are so puurdy

Not only will you hit your knees but because the leg tubes aren’t sealed on top you will also slice yourself open on them. It’s got plastic caps and once those get chewed up or fall out you are exposed to the metal edge.

I support the decision to go with the Nimbus ISIS

Really? i didntknow they had plastic caps on the frame?

Thats abit stupid. Youd think onza would have had the sense.

But yeah i say Nimbus. (Y)

I know, and especially after all the criticism of it on the older Onza, you would think they would have updated it.

the black tops of the frame legs are the plastic caps: