Onza Limey?

what for?

It has a solid eyeleted rim, the Koxx street cranks(much dif than KH cranks), a fancy seat, and the pit fighter seat post… It clearly has its advantages. If those are things you want on your uni it would be worth the extra 40€.

There’s a good idea!

They say the rim is super-tough, how strong is the hub? Anybody do any big drops, crazy sets on this uni?

I think I’m gonna do that, the seat is better, the frame is better and it would come out to about the same price if I put on Tensiles or Moments.

For distance, obviously.

it probebly uses the same *splinndle as the kh isis

*right word?

What about this one?

Looks pretty sweet…

i got the dh pro for $400 cdn…thought that was a steal, couldnt resist!

ive never rode an onza before but im still curious

I believe the correct spelling is spindle. It’s really the same hub as the KH, just a bit heavier because it isn’t hollow.

hobnob :roll_eyes:

You asked for it.

wow, where did you get it?

and therefore theoretically stronger.

justin’s koxx has a cockring i wonder how good they work?

I think its more for pleasure.

i got it from division 8, im not sure if the cockring works well but it looks awesome!

so what happened to evolution?

its coming, i’ll let justin explain though.

and a group of twelve-year-olds burst into giggles… :roll_eyes:

its on the way, im joining it up with another dvd in production, so it will be sold as a 2 dvd set.

look for evolution and unibriated soon!