Onza Limey?

Just wondering if anyone out there is riding the limey yet?
Im thinking about buying on, or a k1 uni from renegadejuggling right now.

So its obvious im no longer with torker, and they didnt produce “Evolution”. But my room mate is also prodcuing a uni movie so we’ll be selling the videos as a box set i suppose.

but back to the limey, if anyones riding one id definitely like some feedback on it. I know some bike trials guys that use tensils.

also is it worth it forking out almost $500? or is the limey a pile haha.

alright cool thanks if you got any feedback guys, time for karokee night at VFS!!


Honestly, it’s going to ride just like any other Trials unicycle.

The only BIG difference is that it has Tensile cranks, which are pretty popular as you mentioned, among the bike trials community.

It’s a very good Unicycle for sure, except for that frame.

I believe the Tensile cranks are what is making it cost so much.

i think the same thing for a trial unicyclist the onza is good except for the frame… but you’re a street rider?? isn’t it? go for a koxx…

KH07 20" all the way dood. Perfect mix for street and trials.

Get the new Quax Trials Uni.

Very nice uni.

yeah, but do you know who this guy is?lol

he wants a light, strong, beastly uni
he wants a koxx or a KH

If he replaces the frame with a KH, he will have just that…

It looks cool but those end caps are sooooo pointless and totaly kill the whole uni. I would go with a KH or a nimbus or a Koxx. They are all pretty much the same, only difference is in the rims and the frames. Koxx has the good lowriding steel frames and KH has the good aluminum ones, Nimbus is just cheap and pretty good, plus they got those sweet long necks.

I think one of the best options out there right now is the Nimbus ISIS with crank upgrade to moments. I’m riding it and I love it, so does my wallet. The clearance of the Nimbus II frame is almost as low as the Koxx frames, it comes in at 10mm.

awesome thanks for the feedback guys, pretty sure ill ride some koxx


Get a KH wheelset without cranks, the Tensiles, a Monty Eagle Claw tire, a quax aluseatpost with gusset, a KH frame and the seat you like

Or if you dont want a realy light uni or a kh frame… get the Nimbus X Street frame.

i went wit the DH pro, its on its way!

What’s DH pro?

Also, what do people think about this Onza? The frame looks better than the other one. How strong is it, particularly the rim. I’m thinking of getting one.

A different colored ornge bud.

I am pretty sure that is the same unia different color. I know the frame is the same.

Link me please.

Her is a pic

How much have you spent on it? In europe it is 40€ more than the KH and has no advantages if you dont look on the design, but for 40€ you can powdercoat your KH.

Hey! Somebody tell me what they think of this Onza!

Particularly, how strong is the rim and how good is the frame. They say it’s Nimbus II style frame, I don’t think I’ve ever ridden a Nimbus. Do you bang your knees. How good is it for feet on the frame tricks? I’m considering buying that uni.

As been said already, its the same unicycle as the Onza Limey practically just with different colors. Personally, I think you are better off going with the Nimbus ISIS and upgrading the cranks to either the KH moments or the Tensile cranks. The frame on the Onza is just terrible, it’s clearance is way too high - bringing it closer to your knees, and once the plastic caps are gone your legs will be ruined. It looks sort of like the Nimbus II style frame but there are many key differences which make worse.