Onza Limey?

I saw the onza limey on unicycle.com, but I can’t seem to find any info elsewhere about it. Onza’s website doesn’t have any info on it, onza’s site just keeps showing me trials bikes. Same thing happens when I google it.

Does anybody know where I could get more info on this uni? Some close up photos, more tech specs, available spare parts?

It has ISIS cranks… which aren’t hard to find.

Pretty much a KH with a bad frame, and thicker seat.

Kris Holm actually rode Tensile cranks for a while.

The rim is just an Onza Hog as listed… not hard to find a replacement.

The hub is probably the same as the KH or Nimbus hub in terms of strength.

Seat clamp looks just like a KH clamp.

Frame, trash it, stupid plastic caps.

Post is probably same as a KH too.

Spokes are thinner than a KH though.

Seat is sexy, I would ride it.

i think its a good uni, apart from the frame.

The frame looks wider at the top and if its anything like the old onza frames (which it looks like) then its a knee breaker and horrible.

But you get the really light tensile cranks, a hub thats pretty much the same as kh moment or nimbus, a 47mm rim (very similar to kh or koxx but with hedgehogs - i’m hopefully getting that rim soon), a nimbus Gel seat (these are very nice, not as flat as the KH street saddles but more comfy and thin enough for SIF.)

DX pedals look fine and seatpost is alu reinforced, so probably will break but same as with koxx and KH seatposts.

Hope that helps you out

one thing i have against your review, don’t compare to something untested such as the Nimbus hub.it SHOULD be as strong as the kh but thats not saying it is.

Im not sure but i was under the impression that it was just the onza with a british theme.
Side note/rant.
I love that seat even though im american. Gotta support the motherland i guess. but the us flag should be semetrical like the union jack or the confederate flag.

The Nimbus hub is the same as the KH… just another colour and little designstuff (no KH in the flanches, just some dots)

i know it, cause i use a Nimbus hub with Tensiles right now :smiley:

Thanks for the info guys. It still seems odd to me however that I couldn’t find any info on onza’s site about it.

It’s because they’re busy riding their gear instead of posting on a forum or their website.

Yes, but have you ever managed to find the Schwinn unicycles on the Schwinn website?