ONZA limey !!!

This is probably one of the better unicycles i have owned. but i want a change.
so here is an onza limey for sale, i have had it for about 3 months now.

this unicycle does not come with pedals or cranks, so i am selling it for 180 dollars, or 160 without tire.


KH hub
Onza frame, people say its to wide, but i have never had problems.
stock seat clamp
seat post
Limey seat
red rim (true)
try-all tire (lots of tread)
and 3 replacement spokes cut to the right length, come with nipples.

pictures will be up tomorrow. PM me if your interested.
-Riley Crosby

If you part it out I would like the cranks.

:D:D:D:):):)I dont know how that thumbs down got there in that last title…

is that picture coming?

pictures coming tomorrow

Is the 180 dollars US dollars? And does that include shipping?

yeah, pics would be cool.

yes it is US dollars :slight_smile:
pictures coming later today when i get the camera



Would you consider selling it with the cranks?

yes, if you are willing to pay for them :slight_smile:

sorry to be a nag, but can i get a front shot of the frame?

one last question. when you say 160 without the tire. you mean just the tire right? and not the whole wheel?

you just wouldnt get the tryall tire?

yes, everything, but no try all tire.

yes this is the updated frame

i am thinking that i really do want it but i need to wait till i get this check i am waiting for. and i broke my bedford so i have been without a uni for a week now and i am going crazy

Stop going crazy, Phil. I’m going to buy this uni. I’ve been in contact with Riley and we’re working out the details now. Unless he says different this baby is as good as sold.

haha … that tire is worth the $20.
… all i have to say about that.

sold to Mr. Harper. :slight_smile: