Onza Limey Trials Unicycle- Trade?

I have an Onza Limey trials uni that I would like to trade for something with a bigger wheel. The Onza is a great trials uni, but I am starting to ride more distance than trials and would like a bigger wheel.

Onza is in decent shape and I can provide pictures. It has Kris Holm Symmetrical cranks and white animal pedals. This is the Limey WITHOUT the plastic caps on the frame. All metal.

I am in Chicago for the rest of the week and then will be headed to Cincinnati if anyone would like to meet local. I will consider any brand as long as it is quality.

PM me with offers!
If you do not have anything to trade and can’t live without it, we can certainly work out a price.

I am also looking for a giraffe unicycle!

Hey ill trade you a 5ft torker tx and some cash for it. i live outside of columbus ohio

If not what price would you want because I don’t have anything to trade?

I have a trade ready just no PM back

Still looking to trade or sell the Onza Limey. Only looking for trades for a larger wheel- 24, 26, or 29. My family sadly does not approve of giraffe uni’s.

Will sell outright for $200

Located in Chicago


I’ve been looking for a sturdy trials unicycle. Sadly I cant trade my 36" Coker Big Wheel because I love it too much but i do highly recommend them! I am located in Indianapolis I would be willing to meet somewhere between Indy and Chicago.

Your family doesn’t approve of a giraffe??? You have a hardcore trials UNi that you want to trade for a big wheel to likely do muni or ride in traffic but a giraffe is dangerous? I find it strange that you have enough balance, coordination, perseverance, and determination to ride a uni in the first place, but not enough to land on your feet from 4’ in the air?