Onza Limey Gel Saddle, is it comfy?


I am wondering if I should buy this saddle :

Onza Limey Gel Saddle
Price: $55.00
Onza low profile KH style gel saddle with Union flag cover as fitted to Onza Limey Unicycle Same rear bumper and contoured front handle as the Kris Holm saddle but Blue instead of Black, reinforced plastic base, fits standard seatposts (4 bolts). Weighs 890g.

is it comfy? :smiley:

thank you

1 word, Yes.

Mine was, I snapped the base a few weeks ago though so It’s not all that comfy now.

Does that mean that it is of lower quality than other KH saddles, or that are you just a beast on your uni?

If you unicycle is invisible how can it be pink?

I’m not sure, I’ll dig it out and strip it down at some point to take a look.
I did drop, throw, and land badly on it for quite a while before it snapped.

@michael: it’s a paradox. If you really care, look HERE. You’ll see I butchered their logo and name to make an avatar and tag line.

Ahhh very clever!
I take it your an atheist?

Somewhat. There are a lot of things I like about religion; God isn’t one of them.