Onza, KH29 and 24" muni for sale in UK


Got three unicycles I no longer have a need for on ebay…

I will post anywhere in the UK and maybe further if the buyer pays.




I will take them off ebay early if anyone makes me a reasonable buy it now offer.


Ahh man, just when I bought a 29er too.

Might want to bung this in the trading post, it’d be easier for people to find, and save people whinging as much, lol.

I’ve spent far too much money lately, otherwise I’d be tempted by that 29. It’s not an ISIS hub/moment cranks on that one, by the way - it’s the older kind with the KH-Onza splined hub and CrMo cranks. Might be worth editing your description (those are the details of the newer model). Still nice though.


I might buy the 24’ or 29’. Will see what the price is on sunday. :wink:
Thanks for posting.

dibs on the 29"!
it says ISIS but they lok like 36 spline onza/kh, what are they?
i’ll PM you

EDIT; READ the nte about the hub, sorry

Only a couple of days left on them, don’t miss out by leaving it too late :stuck_out_tongue: