Onza Hub?

The onza boasts a splined hub. Does anyone have some pics of this?
-David Kaplan

here: http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/onzatrials.htm?id=164

at unicycle.uk.com sometime the picture reveal a little more than just a close-up when you click on “see more”
try looking at the spare hubs for example.

the onza hub is to all intents and purposes a copy of the profile design, using onza splined cranks and axle rather than profile ones
it still fits together the same way as the profile does,

i’m pretty sure that its a 48 spline hub as well, can anyone confirm?

i was quite surprised to see that the norco uni has an 8 splined axle

I’ve not seen any photo’s of the spline on the hub and I can’t remember seeing it with the cranks off either. It’s the same as the one they (Onza) use on their BMX and I saw the cranks the other day in their shop and I don’t know how many splines there is but they were similar to DDG’s. http://www.supercycles.co.uk/site_details.asp?ProductID=104


the ddg bottom bracket axle/cranks is an eight spline beast,

the crank arms use pinch bolts like the norco and the old dmATU

the onza fits together the same way that the profile does, bolts in the end of the axle tighten the cranks on.

are you sure the onza has the same splines as the ddg?
if it does it would be a strange bastard son of profile and dmATU.