Onza Hog Rim - Any thoughts?


Has anybody got or tried the Onza Hog trials rim?

Here it is on UDC UK

Nice one.


no but it looks nice and wide.

We’ll call you Sherlock, shall we?


yes, OK!!:wink: its just that ive never seen a rim that fat before.

looks similar to the koxx rim only beefier. It would look awesome with colored rim strips :astonished:


But a 19" rim, isn’t the nearest thing a 20" wheel? Or isn’t rimsize and wheel size “the same” (hmm… now I think about it, probably not:p ). is it meant for a 20" or a 22" wheel?

when you put a trials tire on it, it turns out to be about 20".

A 19" rim is designed to work with a 19" tyre, to produce an overall wheel with approx the same outer diametre as a 20" wheel and thus it will fit in a BMX frame, but with a much higher volume tyre.

The only thing i know about the hog is that during tyre grabs it is apparently possible to get your fingers caught in the hog holes which must be unpleasent.

does anyone actually wrap there had around the tire? I only tap it.

I know on Evan’s old bc wheel that is now Byran’s he had a tryall rim and it would cut his fingers so he filed down the edges of all the holes.

I wrap my hand around, if you don’t wrap your hand around the tire then its not a tire grab, you could call it a tire tap but its not a tire grab.

Well you can still wrap your hand around the tire but do you actaully grab the rim?

I get my hand completly across the tyre. My fingers will definatly touch the spokes and my hand will wrap across the tyre.

I have a feeling it was me who told you that, I was talking with a few people about the rim and I said something along those lines. I am not 100% sure if that will happen, I was going on the knowledge that Evan (BC wheeler) has cut his fingers up from the Try-all rim.

I believe it was Roger, or Joe (hodges) that said that the rims are good because they are VERY wide and still strong, I will have to wait for someone with more experiance jump in here.


I’m told that the rim is very good, I have built a wheel using one of them as part of a wheel building workshop and they look really good.

The additional width will help reduce tyre foldover and will give increased stability.

Remember that you will need one of the extra strong rim strips like on the try all tryes though if you get one of these or you risk bursting your tyre on the edges of the hog cutouts.

For more advice call roger at UDC, he has said that these are really good on a few occasions so he should be able ot give you more info


i have one,

i have a onza hog rim on my custom trials and i realy like it, its nice and wide wich gives the tyre a nice big footprint ideal for if you only land on half the tyre when hopping up something, it will still hold on, thing is you cant put rim tape on it as its sealed from the back, like a box section rim its a bit hard to explain , i wanted to put blue tape in mine b coz its black, blue and chrome, but still looks and performs well,

hope this helps, if not msg me and i will try and help more:D

I got a Hog rim, and had it built with red spoke nipples.

It looked fookin’ sweet! But the wheelbuilder wasn’t happy as the nipples weren’t brass and therefore not as strong. He said I could take it and try it but it would likely break, or he could rebuild it with black brass nipples and then it wouldn’t break.

The tyre, even tho flat, looked so much wider on the hog rim. It’s like the difference between the 3" tyre on the muni when I fitted a Large Marge rim to it, the tyre has a different shape and profile to it now. Can’t wait to try it out. If it’s owt like the LM/Muni, it should be well stable.

I am waiting for him to rebuild it, I think it’s ready tomorrow.

I don’t know what that post above me was about, with the rim tape stuff. I got extra wide (try-all) rim tape with it that fits fine.

Also, I think you would have to have pretty small fingers to get them stuck in the hog holes. Not much chance of my sausage fingers getting stuck! Plus I can’t do tyre grabs/taps/whatever!

I’m hopefully getting a new frame and saddle to go with it, and I’ll post up pics when it’s all together.