Onza Frame

I’m considering buying the onza MUni…is this a good buy? Should i spend the extra 50 to get the KH? But my main question is about the ONZA hub and frame. Are these (Especially hub) strong, how strong. And my main concern is the tire width. It’s 2.6 inches…does anyone know if a 3’’ tire could fit inside it? Post replies if you have something to say pllleeaassee.

I have the onza trials and I can vouch that it’s a great hub/crankset. In my opinion better than the KH (although the KH are slightly stronger, according to Kris Holm, I couldn’t break ethier). But, because of the lack of the 3" tire, plus the non-DX-32 rim, I’d say go with the KH, all the way. Not to mention, the KH has brake bosses.

Yes the Onza 24" can fit a 3" tyre in it.
As I have said before, do not knock the tyre on it before you have ridden it, in all the cases that I know about where people have taken the Onza saying I will change it to a 3" tyre when I get it… they are still riding the one that comes with the onza, it makes a really nice ride.
Also DX32… the rim fitted it a deeper section and I would almost guarantee that it is stronger than the DX32.
The onza 24" also comes with brake bosses.


i heard that the onza was heavy i would go with a kh or just get a yuni frame/onza hub+cranks/what ever seat post/kh saddle/dx32 rim/and a tyre to fit.o and some cheap pedals then if the brake no problems on replacements.i think you should go with a yuni frame as they are cheap and strong and if you brake it no worries it’s only £30.

No the new Onza is by a long way the lightest splined hub unicycle on the market!

Would the onza fot a 24/3 gazz

how many times is this now… yes

sorry, but for some unis that say they fit a 3’’ tire they say that it wont fit the 3’’ gazza and youd have to get a 26’’ frame of the same type…just chekkin.