onza crank

i promised a while ago that i would post about this so here goes.


here is my onza crank. my onza crank is dead. because of all my pedal grabbing and falling i have “ovalized” the bolt, and now it wont turn, nor can i remove the dust cap. the uni is a little more than 2 months old. i am not really sure what to do about it… i wont have to worry until the crank bends or comes loose, so we shall see :smiley: .

has anyone had this problem?
why did the metal bend like this?
couldnt this be a major problem with thte design, or am i just special :wink: ?

edit: i must say its a wonderful picture!!!

Re: onza crank

Hey are you pedal grabbing or crank grabbing? If you only pedal grab you don’t really need to impact this part of the crank.


Re: Re: onza crank

I have crank grabbed a few times, usually by accident if its something low. for a while i was pedal grabbing, then putting the crank on the obstacle, then going to rubber, but now i just pedal grab and go staright to rubber. my only guess is that if i am going for a far (horizontal distance) pedal grab (far by my standards, nothing like you good riders do, im talking maybe 3 feet) the bolt (shown in picture) would hit against the wall since i would turn the pedal higher and the bolt would be able to hit the side of the obstacle.

Its strange since it looks like it was hit repeatedly on the end of the crank, so it couldnt have been crank grabbing or else the side would be bashed the most (look at the picture, the right side, or end of crank, is scratched the most and has been “pushed” up). this supports my theory, since the crank would be turned up, and the pedal would hit and stick to the surface, and the crank would tilt and the bottom of the crank would knock against the side of the obstacle.

For all I know, you’ve snuck into my house and began photographing my unicycle. THat looks ecactly like my crank, except my remove still turns about a degree before seizing. I pedalgrab and then go to crank and rubber. Now I mostly pedalgrab wood, so the damage has stopped increasing. A long 8mm wrench should be able to turn the bolt. I don’t even remove the bolt or self extraction washer anymore, no reason.