Onza Bites Booji Bad

Well, it had been a real busy couple of weeks with the semester coming to an end, work in the retail business getting crazy and hectic…so when the UMaine Juggler’s Society decided to have an unofficial meeting, I was excited to finally get some good riding in with some uni pals I hadn’t seen in a while. Being indoors, with no real obstacles for trials practice, I left my pads in the car. We’ll call this ‘Mistake Number One’.

With no good obstacles indoors, and since it was dark and snowing outside, we were mostly working on freestyle stuff, which I’m not very good at and don’t work on very often. I was feeling good about my wheelwalking progress, so thought I’d move on to jumping off the pedals and landing back on ( some call it an arial, working my way up to unispins). This was ‘mistake number two’.

/ Here is what happened / (My wife did a great job cleaning it with saline and getting all the hair out of there. I think her vet. tech. classes are paying off)

ouch dude


you should see the bit my sister got off my onza last week…It beats any pedal bites I’ve ever had. You could see right to the bone, it was luvverly. The sad thing was she was only riding across the kitchen, not even doing anything spectacular. Th pins on the pedals that the onza comes with are pretty vicious, and unnecessarily big in my opinion.

One good thing came from my sisters wounding though, I now know what to get her for christmas…LEG ARMOUR!


Welcome in the club…

and look at my signature…

yeah, i remember when you first posted that shot. What can I say, you inspired me. I think I could have used a few stitches, and if had found a nice suture kit at the drug store, my wife would have played frankenstein on it. That’s the first really deep wound I’ve gotten. I didn’t think there was that much meat on the shins, but it was almost a QUARTER OF AN INCH deep.

I had a really cool pedal bite once,from my oddeysey triple trap pedals.
There was a perfect imprint of the pedals all the way around my leg,it looked like my pedal only in reverse.

What happened to the 800x800 pic size limit?

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Obviously. :frowning:


In a couple of months you can show, proudly, to your wife something like this!


Been there. Done that. Not married.


Ambigiously. :thinking:

Ingeniously. :smiley:

Spelled incorrectly. :angry:

Since getting symmetrical marks on both legs from my Onza pedals, it’s been nice. admittedly that’s coz of the 661’s I now always wear.

heres my one

admittedly not an onza pedal bite

kids… dont try and do anything that involves your feet leaving the pedals with razor sharp (and long) pedal pins.


I was trying to coast… (I cannot glide):stuck_out_tongue:

Hi BoojiBoy,

Not sure if you remember my post Onza bites man it was almost identical to yours. I was hoping it would be a leason to fellow Onza riders that leg guards, especially calf guards should be worn at all times.

I had only had my Onza a couple of days when it developed vampire tendencies, and the worse part was that I had just been pushing my limits without any problems then as soon as I backed off it dumped me to the ground and shredded my calf.

I always wear leg guards now.

Hope it heals quickly and dose not keep you off your uni too long.

Yeah i remember that. I’ve definitely learned my lesson. after it happened I just cleaned it up a bit and then put my pads on over it and continued riding for like an hour and a half. So it hasn’t slowed me down any. I hope to ride with some guys from S.W.A.T. in a week or so. You can rest assured I will have pads and a helmet on.