Onza 24

I am riding a 20" KH right now, using it primarily on lite trails. I just bought a Onza 24 so as to have a larger wheel for riding which is probably what I should have purchased first, but I do want to attempt some sort of trials (not much, very little) and that is why I have the KH, plus I wanted one, :wink: lol. In any case one guy I know told me an Onza was good, so I was pretty satisfied I had purchased it but I thought maybe more people could enlighten me as to how the Onza is. Oh, yeah it hasn’t arrived yet, can’t wait. Any input even if you say I just bought a POS is appreciated. ;). Thanks.

I have an Onza 24, and I like it alot. Some people complain about it bashing their knees, but I haven’t ever had that happen. I suppose as I get better with SIF it might be more of an issue, but as of now nothing. I got mine used, and the wheel needed to be tensioned. I can’t say if that was because it was used, or if the wheel build was just loose, but I would check it when you get yours. It’s a fairly light ride for a MUni, and it is CrMo which makes me happy.

Thanks for your input I appreciate it.
It arrived today :smiley: but one crank is off and the parts were pretty much scattered. I guess I am going to take it to a bike shop to try to get it assembled since I don’t know the first thing about assembling a crank and I’m not sure all the parts are there to do it, :frowning:

It looks pretty awesome and it is definitely light for a 24. Now, if I am able to get it put together I think your right and I will like it!:smiley:


The ONZA 24 is a solid MUni. I wish that it came with a wider rim and with a somewhat better designed fork. However other than that the only thing better to buy is a KH. I rode mine hard for over a year until I got my KH24 2007. The ONZA is chomolly which means an awesome powdercoat! Mine has fallen off of huge boulders and not a scratch on it!


I have a trails Onza and the only thing I don’t like about it is the frame. Great uni besides that.

BTW you should really learn how to assemble a uni its not that hard and is a very important skill to have if you are going to ride one.

Cool, thanks guys for the imput, much appreciated. :slight_smile:
I finally got the unicycle, it’s sweet!

Unicorn, does that mean (and I was wondering about this question) that when I have to replace the 24x2.6 tire, do I have to find that size or can I replace it with the tire on Unicycle.com that is 24 x 3.0. It’s a question I had since I bought it.

Michaelgoround, I did figure out how to put it together (I think). I searched installing cranks on the forums and printed the instructions, but I did take it to my local bike shop and they did exactly what I was thinking about attempting, so I guess next time I will try to do it myself. I think it is more that I lack confidence then anything. I need to improve that part of myself.
One of the guys at the bike shop, yelled stop at the guy working on it and told him that no way is that tire going on that frame, he told the guy working on it that he had better measure it before doing anything. I had to explain to him that it was a mountain unicycle and it had been ridden previously with that tire and would fit before he would believe that it was actually supposed to go on the unicycle. All the bike technicians were amazed at the uni. That is when I became convinced that it would really benefit me to do as you said and learn to assemble the unicycle myself, very much agreed.

It’s good, I like it and it rides nice, but I already tore the @%#^$ out of my thigh jumping on it and forgetting it isn’t my KH 20, :thinking: first battle scar of many I’m sure. :smiley:

I have a couple of 24x3 tires for mine and there is plenty of room in the frame. I think it would be nice if it had a wider rim, but it isn’t a huge problem. Maybe one day I’ll rebuild the wheel with a KH Freeride rim.

Cool, I didn’t know if it would fit on the rim alright but it isn’t much of a difference in size. Yeah, I did notice it’s kind of small. So far I like it, except for the pedals, lol.

Haha. When I got my wheel retrued by my LBS they didn’t freak out like that. I need to learn how to true a whell very badly.