Onza 20 vs. KH20

Hello, I have 400 dollars and I’m trying to decide between a Kris Holm 20" and an Onza 20". I am leaning toward the Onza because it is supposed to be in stock in late April, while the Kris Holm is out of stock until late May. Please tell me the pros and cons of each of them so I can decide whether to wait for the KH20 or buy the Onza SOON.


I’m asking the same questions. From what I’ve heard (all second-hand info), the Kh is better overall, but it seems to be for no apparent reason. There is a problem with its nubs, either last years or this years. It can rip up your ankles pretty good, but when ordering you can ask for them to be fixed. The Onza is cheaper and weighs less, (6.2 kg vs. 6.65 kg). But I still keep hearing that the KH is better.

Remember this is all second hand info, cuz I’m still in the same place as you. Out of curiousity where are you looking at these?

Hope this helps

Ps. it says your level 3.7. Where does that come from.

I look on www.unicycle.com . I get 3.7 from i can do 6 out of the 9 level 4 skills. 6 divided by 9 = .6666667

Search the archives guys, there have been tonnes of threads about Onza vs KH!

I like the cranks better on the Onza, tho I have had a bit of play in the hub. The KH just feels rock solid. Pretty even, tho I think there are more b*ke cranks to fit the KH. Could be wrong.

Apparently Onza, KH and UDC are joining together to build the hub/crank set to rule all hub/crank sets, I guess this will be on the new models? I’ve read it’s for release around October, but again I could be making that up. More hearsay is that it’s stronger than Profiles. May be worth waiting a little longer. Or getting a Nimbus so you can upgrade the hub and cranks later, as the only real difference after the hub/cranks is the frame as the seats are the same.

onza vs kh

Let me suggest another option if you’re in a hurry! I’m preparing to replace the 24" rim on my Torker DX with a 19" Alex and a trials tire. The splined cranks are substantially built and the frame and seat post are excellent, the frame being only marginally larger than necessary for a 20" trials set-up. The cranks do have the same nub problem, however as the KH/Summit. This configuration is going to run me a total of about $250.00 after shipping. The Torker was purchased from e-bay. The rim, spokes and tire from unicycle.com, and I’ll do the wheel-build myself. I’ll post pictures when it’s done.(hopefully within two weeks)