onza 20" trials vs. dx 20"

Ive been riding for 2 months now, destroyed my beginner unicycle and am in the market for a new one.
i am 130lbs looking to do trials and street. i trashed my other uni going off stairs and need something to hold up well, but i also like the trials part of unicycling…is the dx capable of both street and trials or is the onza the way to go?
thanks for your help
dont really want to go over 400$

The DX has a true 20" rim, so you won’t be able to put a 2.5" trials tire on it. The Onza’s rim is actually 19", so it’ll be a lot bouncier. The DX might be a good start, but you may find you want to upgrade to something more purpose-built.

I have the onza 20" trials and i like it alot. I got it on sale for $299, but now on UDC its back up to $409. If you want to spend that much its worth it. If you want something under $400, I dont know about the DX but the qu-ax trials is $299 (currently out of stock on UDC) but i have heard it is really good.

ok thanks, i work at a bike shop, we dont carry unicycles but im hoping to get one at wholesale, just one more question, is the onza decent for just flat riding or is it only meant to be in the air and going down stairs?
thanks alot

I do about 50% freestyle and 50% trials/street. I want to get an actual freestyle uni soon but the onza works for it. Ya the onza is fine for flat riding.