Onza 20" trials uni for sale

I have my 20" wheel onza trials uni for sale. It’s in good nick with the odd scuff but it’s not been ridden hard. It’s on ebay so check the link or if you want to sort someting out, make me an offer.



Why is the frame on backwards? and it has only 36 spokes not 48.


The clamp is on backards smart pants. And its not really backwards, its better to have the larger end out away from your knees.

Doesn’t that necessitate having the frame on backwards too, so that the split in the clamp aligns with that in the frame?

Not necessarily, You can turn the clamp around on a frame and it will still work.

Not nearly as good though.

My Powerlite BMX has the slit in the seat tube on the front… if I put the clamp on with the bolt on the back… my seat won’t stay put.

Despite the fact I have a uni already I might make an offer on that, the spare parts alone are worth having it for. Plus in black it looks pretty sweet. :sunglasses:

i didn’t find the uni on the ebay site u had there. have you sold it allready? if not, were could i see some pics?

This was posted 2 years ago.