Onza 20-inch Trials or white widow

which is better the white widow or the onza 20 inch :thinking:

i think the lx is the best by far becasue of its understandeble amount of breaking

BTW, im looking for a gay unicyclist, im sick of being the only one!

white widow.

it has

better pedals
better seat
similar frame
better hub/crank set
wider rim
grippier tire
looks 10 times cooler :sunglasses:

I hate when ppl say stuff without having facts… who says that koxx hub is better? anyways Id go with the white widddow too but just telling mornish to not say stuff if he dosent got facts…

white widdow:

-thinner seat
-w/ kevlar sides
-lower frame/tire clearence
-no q
-sealed good pedals
-grippy round tire
-may be lighter
-looks like the coolest thing in the world!

the hub and cranks are ISIS

so whats your point? that doesnt make them stronger or anything

thats better, also they have less q factor than onza cranks which I prefer

they are also solid aluminum which is better for cranks grinds/stalls because You won’t peirce the crank or anything like that.

the most noticably good thing about it is probably the very nice pedals though.

isis has nothing to do w/ quality and if you peirce a hollow splined crank from grinding/grabing, then your fat!

or you do tons of grinds on it.

if you grind enough to go through a hollow crank then itll also ruine a solid one

hi shelby, havent seen you for a few minutes

how much is the white widow in USD

get the white widow for sure. it is about the same price as the onza but a lot better.

it has a better seat, better pedals, better hub/ crank set and looks so much cooler.

people just dont get it do they?

get what?

the white widow is like $520 off municycle.com

i would get the Onza trials… because if you break anything it will be 100000000000X easier to replace. i donno if it is still the issue but there was a lot of people with broken K1 uni and couldnt get the parts… i would DEFINETLY go with the Onza… well that is just me.

you can get all the parts off municycle.com.