Onza 20" Crank Feels Loose

I just bought i new 20" onza and the RH crank feels loose
(the mechanics are the same as the old onza ie splined hub)

does anyone know why this is?
i asked roger and he said get a really long allan key and tighten it but this hasnt worked.

is it possible that the bearings are not tight enough?


I have tightened one of these up because it was moving slightly, it was really hard to tighten because the threads had locktight on them. Once it was tightened properly it was fine.

It is important to stop it moving if it is the hub as leaving it loose may damage the hub. I suggest you give Roger another ring on Monday or you can ring me if you like, I will PM you my phone number.


I had this problem on my Onza too, until yesterday, when I rotated the cranks 90 degrees on the splines. Tightening it really only goes so far, especially on the Onza, as they have about 3/4 inch spacers on the splines, so tightening them doesn’t really change anything. You can buy an 8mm allen wrench, and unbolt the cranks, rotate them and then tighten them back up. You don’t need to remove the dust caps, as a matter of fact, they actually make removing the crank easier. They’re reverse threaded, so they stay on when you remove the bolt. That way, when the bolt is removed, the crank comes with it:) . Ingenius really. I’d recomend trying to tighten the cranks first, though. I know mine were a bit loose when it arrived. Hope this helps:D

you should try using anti-seize on the threads, there are loads of threads about anti-seize. it basically a greese that is good at high pressures and stuff(someone will hopefully describe it properly) i had the same problem with my kh cranks, i put some -anti-seize on the threads, and could get them alot tighter. now i have no problem.