Ontario Canada Unicycle tour.

I was looking at organizing a unicycle tour to raise money for cancer research. Not a race but a few hundred kilometer tour. Any type of unicycle. I am planning on riding my 9 footer. Before I start planning I want to get a number on how many people are interested.

Heck yeah! I’d ride my 24" or see if someone will lend me something slightly larger (29er?) just depends where…

Where in ontario are you? And where do you plan to ride?

Im in stratford and Im not sure where we would ride just started thinking about it

How many K’s do you think you would want to ride day after day on your 9-footer? Those cycles are more for show. When nobody’s watching you may start to hate it by day 2… Also if you have Cokers with you there will be a huge speed differential. If your tour is supported, you can bring the giraffe(s) along and use them for the more “public” bits, but then use something faster to cover the major distances.

I have a 29er, I may be up for something like this. Also, I could ask Philip Schleihauf who unicycled across Canada for invisible children.

Funny, i was just in Stratford in November.

If it is going to happen, I would like to be in, but time and place would have to work for me. I would probably do 29".
I thought I might do it on a 50 ft giraffe, but then I realized I was confusing reality with an alternative universe. :o

Hehe if you did it on that your head would travel further than the wheel.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to do it, but I dont really want to travel 600km just to do a little ride… I dont think my parents would take me there. I can ride all the way to Stratford though, I could get alot of money for cancer and it would be a long pretty awesome ride!:stuck_out_tongue: