Only one week to go !!!


I’m sure most of you already know and some of you have kindly sponsored us already but I thought I give you a progress update anyway. During the time I was ermm … “between jobs”, I had a bit of time on my hands (this my excuse for the whole thing). At the time I had just started to pick up a unicycle and could only peddle 2 metres along our kitchen floor. Me and my house mate Ross decided it would be a challenge to unicycle between Bristol and Bath on the cycle track on unicycles. This would be no easy task, not only the fact that we could hardly ride the things it is 14 miles along the cycle track and unicycles don’t have gears. We decided to do the ride for charity and chose The MS Society.

From when we began the ride until now the ride has ballooned. From the
original 2 riders I have now managed to recruit 17 other unicyclists from all over the country of varying different abilities.

So far we have been published in The Bristol Evening Post, The Bath Chronicle and we have been interviewed on BBC Radio Bristol. On Saturday we expect to have a mention in The Telegraph. During looking for more riders I have emailed famous Aardman movie producers by following links through Google thinking they rid unicycles when, as I found out later, they don’t (apparently it was someone else unicycling in a Grommit costume … don’t ask!). We have had a nice email back from Adam Hart-Davis thinking the ride was a great idea. That gave me the idea of contacting other celebrities, both Derren Brown and Bill Bailey seem to be out of the country on that date, funny that! :slight_smile:

So far we have raised over £1000 but we’re looking to push that up as much as possible. If you could please sponsor us on our ride on October 22nd it would be most appreciated. Please see our website


Adam Hart Davis is a really cool guy - and he’s certainly into crazy bikes. He really ought to ride a unicycle, maybe he could explain to people how it’s possible :slight_smile:

This sounds like a really cool ride. Is it cycle path all the way? Is it paved? Shared with any other vehicles / pedestrians?

It sounds really cool, anyhow, best of luck! I wish I could be there with you.

AFAIK (and I’m sure Rich will correct me if I’m wrong), the ride will simply go from one end of the Bristol-Bath cyclepath to the other. In which case, yes it’s cyclepath all the way (although it crosses two roads and a car park).

Yes, it’s paved.

Yes, it’s shared with other vehicles and pedestrians. It’s a cyclepath, so is shared with bikes and trikes. Use by motor vehicles, however, is prohibited. We may be unfortunate enough to encounter equestrians and/or their leavings. The path passes through 3 local authority areas. One of the local authorities (Bath & North East Somerset) has opened its section of the path to equestrians on a trial basis.

The path has its own website:

But you’ll get a better idea of what it’s like from this:

About a third of the path also features on my daily commute, which you can see here:
(unfortunately my virtual commute is desperately in need of updating, including bigger pictures, now that broadband is far more common and I have much more webspace than when I first created the page. I took new pictures back in May, but I still haven’t got round to updating the page…)

Anyway, the ride website now shows 19 riders planning to ride. This is going to be fun.

Ok! We’re now up to 22 unicyclists.

Tomorrow morning I am going for an interview at 8:50am on BBC Radio Bristol with Drew (Ross’s brother, see riders page) about the ride. They are also phoning us up on Sunday morning before the ride starts to do an on air interview before the ride begins. On Monday morning they will be doing a interview with us as well.

On Sunday they will be playing an interview they have done with me on GWR FM as part of their news bullitens. I have a photographer arriving from The Bristol Evening Post before we set off. I also have a photographer from The Bath Chronicle meeting us at the other end. BBC Points West TV news are interested in filming us but it all depends on if another story breaks or not. The same is true of ITV News West who were thinking of doing some footage at the end.