Only girl to doubleflip?

went ahead and posted this clip.

No idea, but good job.

amazing. great work!

What did you use to learn crankflips? Shauns tutorial?

Naw i didnt really use shauns tutorial, although it seems to help a lot of people. I used two hands and a lot of persistance. I tried to pull up and kick at the same time while looking over the wheel to keep the uni under me. after a while is just clicked. It took a long time though.

Frickin’ epic, eh? Congrats!

Nicely done

Beautiful - show them ladies can do it too. You are awesome!

nice jobb

mary from Team UTV landed one today (1handed) :stuck_out_tongue:
tomorrow i will film her doubleflip :smiley:

Wow I wish I could do that. Way to go!

yes i have film it!!! now( but only with my handy!)

Awesome. Link to some of her videos? I wanna see :smiley:

Congrats on the double!
Your vids are great [anna] and have really inspired me to commit to some flip tricks (2morro)
I sent the link to “wish you saw” to some friends with the caption; “what a gun”

i filmed a doubelfip of her but i will edit it tomorrow i think .

Thanks so much everyone! :slight_smile:

well done ! and you question is now visible answered cause Raphael complete his video. You find Mary’s doubleflip video here.
So the new question seems to be “Onlytwo girls to doubleflip?” :smiley:


cool video mary