Only Ever Reached by Unicycle?

Rather pointless, but are there places you’ve only ever reached by unicycle?

  • Short walking of technical sections, saddle breaks, etc ok
  • Need not start from home, but meaningful distance to destination on one wheel
  • Alternate transportation home allowed but should be noted
  • A [i]subsequent[/i] trip there on two wheels might not disqualify if done [I]strictly to support/escort a group of unicyclists[/I] and the first visit was made on a unicycle?


  • Little Red Lighthouse
  • Coney Island (train home)

Will be impressed if anyone can claim a state/province, or even entire country.

There’s an old disused railway line near me. I normally get on at the same place eight miles or so from my house (at Wickham, Hampshire UK) and head North. It’s a nice gentle ten mile stretch of bridleway with places to loop back round, swim in the river, visit decent country pubs, or just use as a good link to a longer ride.
One fine summer’s day instead of getting off the path at Wickham I kept going South. After a mile and a half of narrowing unmaintained path covered in stinging nettles (surely it’ll be worth it? I’ll just carry on for a bit!), I found a little clearing and a fence where the old railway used to join a part of the line that’s still in use today.
There was lots of old rubbish dating back to the 70s and a complete dead end. No way off except to turn around and ride back. Chest high nettles (even on a 36er), wearing shorts and a t-shirt!

That night I had a bath and my legs felt like the static on an old television.
It was nowhere special but I have no reason to ever go there again, so it’s a place I’ll only ever have been on a unicycle.

Marble Hill, Englewood Cliffs, High Bridge Park, some Uptown Manhattan bike roads and probably a few spots on Randall’s Island.

The city government felled over 1000 trees on Randall’s Island a few years ago, which is somewhat tragic, given that Randall’s Island is part of Manhattan, but riding there over the East 102nd Street footbridge is still fun. You won’t see any more pheasants or rabbits, though. Large areas of the island are now covered with astroturf, and the residents of the state psychiatric hospital who are allowed out during the day are… well, they’ve changed, too.

Guess I can probably list that one too, as ground level is a whole different world from crossing it atop the Amtrak trestle. I didn’t see much wildlife, but did it at dusk on a 4th July weekend, so had to learn to ignore the occasional amateur fireworks going off nearby. Ended up walking the pedestrian bridge back as I stalled out behind families pushing picnic carts and couldn’t get remounted on the slope; would like to think I could have made it, but who knows.

Actually put it on a list of places to consider for a group ride recently; it works pretty well for unicycling from the Bobby Wagner walk part of the East River greenway, and seems very overlooked compared to Central Park and the West Side greenway.

Love your story Rich ��

Thanks Donna!
I’ve thought of another. I bought my KH36 from a chap called Eric in Las Vegas when I was on a west coast road trip with my wife a few years ago. I took it with me in the car East of the Sierras, up to Crater Lake and eventually up through Oregon and Washington and over the Cascades. I didn’t do a lot of riding, mostly just short 1-2 hour trips near our lodgings while Jo slept in.

We did a return leg down the Pacific Coast Highway and stopped in a number of places including San Francisco. I got up really early one morning to ride around the quiet streets, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, had a breakfast picnic at the viewpoint and went back before the commuter bicycle traffic started building up. On the way through in the car my feet didn’t touch the ground so I’m counting Marin County as another place I’ve only reached by uni!

Speaking of San Francisco, here are a few of the notable attractions in that city that I have only ever been to on a unicycle:

  • AT&T Park waterfront
  • Rincon Park
  • Coit Tower
  • Lombard Street (going up; on my first visit to CA in 1994)
  • Aquatic Park Pier (except for one visit on a Segway)
  • Palace of Fine Arts
  • Fort Point
  • Golden Gate Bridge Cycle Path and North Overlook
  • Legion of Honor
  • Sutro Heights Park
  • Most of Golden Gate Park
  • South approach to Twin Peaks
  • Haight/Ashbury
  • Alamo Square (the Painted Ladies)
That's the annual San Francisco Unicycle Tour.

Here are a few other interesting ones:

  • All the trails I've ever been on in Moab, Utah
  • Tokyo's Imperial Palace (outside)
  • Clarke Quay in Singapore
  • The Sand Dunes of Belle Terre, Long Island
  • Laoshan City Leisure Park (Mountain Bike Park), Beijing, China

I like this idea of “only ever reached by a unicycle”. My list includes Rowlett Creek Nature Preserve, Arbor Hills Nature preserve, and River Legacy Park in Arlington. Even though I’ve lived in the Dallas area most of my life, there are places in Downtown I’ve only ever reached by unicycle as well. Now that I have my attention on it, I think I’d like to build my list of places “only ever reached by a unicycle”. Great idea! :slight_smile: