Only 2 unicyclists in Czech Republic??

Hi guys
Im unicyclist from the Czech republic (Central Europe). Im new to this forum but I ve been unicycling for about half a year now (can do all 6 -and under IUF skills, hop about 60 cms and improving).

My problem is that there are only two (trial/street) Unicyclist in our republic that I know of (me and my friend). Unicycling is TOTALY unknown sport here (most of people have seen unicycles only in cisrcus and I HATE when everyone is asking questions like:“What circus do you work for?” and “Look!! There’s a clown riding!!”). So:

Does any of you have any suggestions on how should i make it more popular sport or at least make some people to start unicycling? Showing them unispins or some trials/hopping obstacles simply doesnt work because people say: “Man you are insane!” “Thats imposibble!” “I could never learn such thing”

  • its quite hard to get some better uni here in CZ.

(I have at least convinced my sister to start riding so that she could help me to make it a bit more known sport. I will post some pics of her doing trials when she gets good enough on my first noname shitty unicycle not to damage my precious Onza (You have no idea whats it like to get some better unicycle in our republic:))

Thanks in advance.

Get the phonebook of Prague and search for Emil Faltyny (Faltynec).
He use to travel but probably may be there now, he’s the +/- the 5th generation of his family that unicycles. So yes, they use to do traditional circus, but are into other things as well.

Hi Unicyclotrone!

I think there was a Czech guy at the GMTW (German Muni and Trial Weekend). If this is not you or your friend you could contact him through his homepage

Good luck!:slight_smile:


do you know

Lukas ?
He should be from CZ …

I also have some customer there but I don`t post names in a public forum.
Please give me a PM with your mail address. I´ll give my customers your mail address.


according to the unicyclist roster, there’s seven in CR:

I’m considering going to a university in Prague right now. That would increase the unicyclist count there, no doubt.

hey man!

Here in Brazil we got the same problem. When me and another 3 friends started unicycling it was only about us.

But what we are noticing now is that a lot of riders are hidden or we cant find them yet.

now 3 years later on my city we are in like 5-6 street-trial riders
In Belo Horizonte that is another city i know of a Freestyle rider and a trial rider
Both are the best on their category

So start a little meeting like one time per month.
Try to make some demonstrations to the public, take attention of the crowd to your sport.
Be nice to people that ask about unicycling to circus… Unicycling extreme is really new to the world. Maybe one of the guy that asked about unicycle and circus are really interested on uniycling.

Here in Brazil we got a lot of unicyclers that are jugglers or circus related, but they are unicyclers anyway. Most are converting to the sport itself


Good Luck on your journey! It will take time but will be good for you and for the uni community :slight_smile:

Well, I am in Ukraine and so far I haven’t found any other unicyclists, except my daughter who is 8.

If I am ever in Prague I’ll send you a message.

I’m certain that there is the Czech trials champion, sponsored by Koxx… just check the Koxx One site. his name’s Martin Hruska, surely if the CR can hold a national trials championship, then surely there must be quite a few riders about?

Wanted to say the same :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, Martin Hruska is a realy good rider.
Talked to him at FLUCK and he was quite cool and decent.

Peter M