Online purchase-best place?

Hello everyone, I am a newbie to the forum, I have been reading a lot the last few weeks. I used to ride a unicycle when I was a kid but that was 30 plus years ago. I am 44 years old and have the bug for a unicycle again.

My question is where is the best place online to buy a unicycle. I am not looking for anything expensive. Maybe start with the 24 in torker and see where it leads me. Basicly, I want to just get my feet wet with a lower level uni and if the hobby sticks then I can upgrade once I know it will last.

There is a lot of interesting reading here on this forum. Thanks for any advice you can give.
I am in Texas so am looking for a U.S. online seller.

Thanks, Tim

This place has an excellent seller rating on Amazon. That is the best price that I know of. That is an excellent uni, the best in that price range IMHO.

That’s a great price for the AX. Only about $20 more than I paid for my LX.

I started riding again when I was 45, and the LX is what I started with…tom

yeah that site has good prices for torkers, if you want a wider selection you can try

I know you said you are looking for an on-line source, but you might want to check with some of your local bike shops, Several out my way carry Torker unicycles. While on-line sellers usually have lower prices, that advantage is sometimes wiped out by higher shipping costs.

Thanks for all the replies and advice. I ordered the Torker LX26 today. Shipping was free and the price was right. $129 shipped including taxes.
I can’t wait for it to get here so I can get started, I haven’t ridden in 35 years or so, I have no idea how long it will take me to re-learn.

I’ll be reading this forum daily.

Thanks, Tim