Online Cheesy unicycle game but fun.

Here is a unicycle game thats cheesy but fun…

Isaac :slight_smile:

hmmm :roll_eyes: … i have a feeling that Project Uni will be a little bit better! Maybe just a little though:p

Hey now that wasnt very nice, haha. Unless this game is pretty fun im at work so I havent tried it, but ill give it a shot later.

Its called sarcasm Dave haha.

I dont know I dont think we can compete with having to jump over flames.

We certainly can’t if you are sitting here posting instead of getting my jump and unispin animations done.

I despise this game.

Some one should give that a shot and get it on video. Its actually not even that difficult. Just get a firepit and doing a rolling hop over it. I would do it but I just don’t have a firepit.

Interested in ProjectUNI? You can check out the new video in this thread over in just conversation:

That game has the worst collision detection I’ve ever seen.