Online Chat UDC

Anyone know how to get on in now?

The online chat is open when we are in the office, that is between 8:00 and16:00, Monday to Friday. We do occasionally turn it off if we are all in the warehouse… like when we have a container delivery.

You can always email us on and I will often reply outside of the office open times.


Ahhh cheers Roger :slight_smile:

I’ve been used to seeing the little tab pop up on the old site, saying either chat now or leave a message.

ah, yes we took of the “leave a message” bit off a few months ago as it was a pain from our end; especially as it gave the impression that it was a good way to communicate, where as just sending an email is way better. The “contact us” link is at the bottom of every page and that gets through to us a lot better and reliably.

Cool, I’ll get an email sent tonight when I finish work then :slight_smile: