Online Canadian Unicycling Resource (Including Online Unicycle Ordering!)

coming in November!

Canadian Unicycling Is About To Go Big

Oh, interesting! Willing to offer up any more info on this?

Oh sweet! More info would be nice…

Where will the store be located?
How big will the variety of products be?

Please elaborate

Please elaborate

That’s all you get for now :slight_smile:

(I still need to speak with a few more people)

Curiosity killed the cat

November is almost here.

Is this likely to be a reality and just a breif thread on the forum.

It’s coming, but it looks like the product stocking/shipping/ordering capabilities won’t be till after christmas…Much more product needs to be purchased up front in order to make it feasible.

What will be active for november is a website for canadian unicyclists, an online resource (much more targeted to ‘us’ than an international forum allows) with many goodies that will (as far as i can tell) build and build as more canadian unicyclists are looking for…

(the website will obviously be quite bare for content until we fill it up, but you’ll see it’s possibilites as soon as it’s up, the community will simply need to build)

The launch of the site will come with an announcement of a major canadian unicycling event (the first of it’s kind, and something that will be annual, and hopefully, within the next couple of years will expand into 3-4 per year at various parts of the country

Sound good? :slight_smile:

Sounds like I’m really looking forward to November! And to our new holiday, Family Day! Three cheers for the Liberals!

also, in preperation, i would like to request cool, high quality pictures of riding in front of canadian scenery/landmarks to be used on the site and please provide photo credits: rider/location/photgrapher (if you are a professional photographer, a link to your business)

things i can think of off the top of my head…northern forests, maritime rocks, plains, BC, etc…

please send those pictures to brian (at sign) balanceproductions (small circle) ca

Yes! I am so excited! This is going to be very ideal!

Yeah I’m definatly looking forward to finding out what you guys will be offering.

So Brian will this big news also benefit us Western Canadian riders?

this is going to be awesome for everyone!

Thanks. I’ll be waiting (im)patiently.

What will the website be called? like will you go to and then an option will be Canada or will it be called like


better :slight_smile:

Sounds quite mysterious… I can’t wait!

Is this in anyway associated with Darren? Or is it completely seperate?

My first thought after reading the post was that maybe Darren’s website was getting a face lift, but this sounds like more than that.

Very curious …


this is seperate

Woo hoo…this sounds excellent to me! Thanks anyone and everyone involved, can’t wait