OneWheelNinjaSquad Video out!

The OWNS video is out now! we finished it a while ago, but we got it on the gallery now! you can see it HERE

Comments? Bowing? Applause? Rotten tomatoes? People telling me that after hours spent fighting my compression stuff it doesn’t work?

go for it!

riding up the stairs was impressive.

nice vid and nice editing but music was kinda iffy, DA Rude or any kind of techno are on my boycott list in the music area

Nice video, although, I really didn’t like the music, I’ve heard it too many times(DDR).

meh, nobody likes my music!

well, it’s like my favourite ddr song ever, so i fugured I’d put it in. My next vid is gonna be punk, though. Better?

The editing is my first try with final cut express, and I’m really proud of it.

Feugo do you have a mac


I didn’t think you could do final cut express for windows.

You should have had the riding up stairs at full speed as well as slow motion, and a little freestyle wouldn’t have hurt, but it was quite good for the most part.:slight_smile:

We aren’t too good at freestyle, though. The stairs could be full speed, too. The main problem was making it in the confines of such a short song.

Oh well, I’m gonna make a new one, of course. It just won’t be out for a while. It might even have (ghasp) Multiple songs!

nice riding, I loved the riding up the stairs. and Sandstorm is an awesome song, I think it’s the only techno song I like… but I like it a lot.

that’s because you have the abridged version. the one I have is 4:56, which might not actually be the original by Darude, but it more or less sounds the same.

Really cool vid! But you should make it longer next time.

Yep. That’s teh plan. I have all kinds of footage that we didn’t use, and a bunch of stuff remaining to film. And, of course, I have to get better. Then I can film stuff I can’t do yet. And, I need to go MUniing, and get some MUni footage. I’d really like to have some in my video, but it’s winter, so the trails are all snowy.

You should send that to me…

(I trust you and all, but it’s an email address. can’t just leave those laying around for the spammers.)

You should have muted the sound from most of the material, it’s not that nice hearing the wind and so on.

Very impressive though, like the strange angeled shot in the beginning, and riding up the stairs.