Onebrella productions presents...Evolution...

ok so max’s last name is wrong, haha sorry max, i read his profile and it wasnt what i thought it was.

this isnt just an online video, its a DVD…


Nice, I really want to see it.


Yeah, members of VUC! Whoo!


he’s the one that got the good genes.


So it’ll be online, too, right?

Since it will probably be a pretty big file, I recommend uploading it to either , , ,, or

Gigasize lets you upload 1.5GB files for free & without registration. It should be quicker/easier for everybody to dl the video this way. You just upload the vid then post the link for us to download it.

I am pretty sure Justin isnt going to put it online. By what he said, I think he ment, ‘Its not an online video, its a DVD’. How can he charge through a download site?


Thanks for the link. lol. That’s where i’ll upload my video when it’s finished, Thanks a lot man.

“Do you know what time it is?”

-Shaun Johanneson

HaHa, yeeah, thats a bench.

Any idea of cost and where it will be avaliable for purchase?

max Tamere… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH yea good job max… that sound like a good artist name

( french people will understand the TAMERE )

Hahahahha that took me a second but it sounds like something Max would say too :stuck_out_tongue:

SWEET more footage of Kevin, finaly!

I hope Kevin McMullin?


You would be correct. A few people (pro’s) travelled with the koxx team to Barcelonna.


yea i dint put ta mere on purpuse… oups…

I think Justin said something about a website coming up soon. I’d imagine he’d be selling it through there.

I expect this to be a really good video, but I don’t think I’d be willing to pay more than $15 for it…I don’t even have Defect.

all the info will come soon guys


He is this guy who is so much better than his older brother.


the dvd will most likley be around $15-$20 CDN

and yes i will be making a website for orders and feedback…

the evolution is coming…be patient