Onebrella productions presents...Evolution...

Hey guys,

Im fairly close to finshing Evolution here and i will be releasing a teaser within 2 weeks. So as for now heres a little taste of whats to come…


That looks awesome, I can’t wait.


That’s really cool! Wating for the teaser!

OH, now I get your MSN nick:)
Looking forward to buy that DVD.


looks impressive!

the website and and teaser will be out shortly, spread the word…

the evolution is coming…


nice! what is your msn adress?

Is Shaun J. in it?

Look in his profile, you’ll see it’s

lookin good, lookin real good

I really want to see this.

I’m assuming it’s a DVD, any idea of cost yet? Also, is this the one with all of the killer BC footage that Bryan Stevens won’t let us see?

I sure hope so…

If you’ll notice in the picture, two images above Bryan’s name, one is a one footed BC grind and the other a northshore skinny type thing on a BC wheel, both are him it looks like.

looks good

Whos this BRian Steves fellla that i hear is so good?


North shore skinny? NORTH SHOE SKINNY!?!? I say So cal fatty! Either way, yes this is the movie bryan has been putting all his good moves into.

yeah pass the word around guys…

also featuring:

Keaton Miller
jeff groves
members of the victoria, b.c. unicycle club
some extra footage of yoggi and kevin in barcelona…

lots to come
the evolution is coming…


  • carriere :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see that you’re putting out another video (finally!) Justin.

I remember seeing some of your older stuff and being dumbstruck. Street & trials videos are what really got me into unicycling.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this.