onebrella productions presents "EVOLUTION"...again..

hey guys and gals,

i got alot of feedback on my recent teaser of my film “evolution”…apparently it was’nt to some peoples liking.

So since i am keen on selling this video and making the consumer happy…

i made another teaser! its much better, i even enjoy it much more.

Evolution will include:

Music by:

Sweatshop union
The Faint
and many more…


Anthony Hibbings
Justin Kohse
Keiynan Graham
Bryan Stevens
Rob Thomas
and many many more…

Evolution shots toward creativity and individuality in creating a new and fascinating sport.

look for EVOLUTION soon…

p.s. in the dvd the foul language will be censored…

the video quality looks alot better when you click the little box beside the volume…

it plays it at 100%


Did you double on a 24" thats hot. Liked this trailer to, I just hope that you dont get that ‘doubleflip’ guy come in here. Ha, such an idiot…

Really nice, I will most probably be buying it.


Much better!

Im thinking about buying it now.

Nice work!

Rock on!

What he said. ^

Very Nice Justin. Very Nice.


hey guys,

can we just let the other 2 theads float to the bottom please?
we’ll just start over;)


looks good,

i can’t wait:D


mmmm… Tasty

I was going to suggest that, but now that you have…


looking good.

its looking good!!
i really like the fakie 360…it was smooth!

:slight_smile: security guards dont like me

Looks like a “got to buy” movie.
Very good riders in there.


sick! :sunglasses:

looks good. better than before, i will still probabbly buy it.

is Mr.Tamere happy now?

of course

My only complaint was the rider’s names in the trailer… I’m color blind, could barely make it out (I can’t see which button is highlighted on Defect either :’() Please think of us poor lads! :’( :wink:

When and where my I purchase this esteemed and wonderful DVD?