One Year Weekend Celebrations


Yesterday (Sunday 6th) was exactly a year since I bought my first unicycle. So all weekend I was celebrating being “one of the lucky ones” for a whole year!

On Saturday I went out on the muni and kicked it about my local forest all day, then spent about 3 hours in the park helping a friend learn to uni. Then I was bored and there was nothing on telly at night so at about 11pm me n Pebbles went out on the 20’s for an hour doing stairs, walls, grinds etc. I did my first kinda-high (as in height!) rolling hops, about a foot high I think, and it made sense and just flowed.

On Sunday I went into town on the Onza Trials uni, and went to the Subway shop where Pebbles works and got my free breakfast (it’s great having mates that work in food shops!!) and then headed to the skatepark. After my rolling hop discovery last night I was determined to practise more and get higher hops.
Every bench or set of steps I found on my way I rolling-hopped onto (I did this all day - if I saw one I stayed at it until I could do it). At the skatepark I made more progress on rolling hops (up to the height of my tyre now!), got a bit further with my kick-up mounts (made about 5 out of 20), learned to stand on the cranks, drop the frame onto foot, and then hop holding the tyre. And get back up and cycle off!

Attempting the same grind rail that I do in my video, I messed it up, banged my knee off the rail and broke two pieces off the back section of my pedal!!

Making my way home, I passed some rocks so I had a jump on them, fell off and smashed my other knee into the rocks! Ouch!

So, with two sore knees, a broken pedal, and very sore, aching bones, and one-years unicycling under my belt, I declare that unicycling is the best thing I have ever discovered and I will continue to unicycle until I am unable to do so. And I mean absolutley unable, I learned one-footed while my arm was in plaster!

Long Live Unicyclists and their Unicycles!

Thank you to everybody on this forum, you have all helped inspire me and have given me essential advice/tips, and you probably don’t even know you have! What a cool bunch of people! I am proud to be amongst you.


Happy uni-enlightenment day!
Most of us know how you feel. :slight_smile:

Here’s wishing us all many more.


Nice one, Tom!

If I can do half of what you can when it’s my “universary” (last weekend in July) I’ll be well chuffed.

And I second your comments on the unicyclists on this forum. If only I’d known about it when I was first learning to uni!

Congrats, I’ve been uniing over 2 years and you’re waaay ahead of me. I guess I need to get motivated again

Thanks people!

I never thought of the word “universary”, I like that.

My mate Pebbles has been uni-ing for about a month or two less than me and he is better than me.

I put that down to him just riding his KH20 all the time (its his only uni) and that I ride my commuter, my muni and my trials.

I’m good at all three, and he’s excellent at one. I’ll get some videos of him up sometime!

Anyway, thanks again!