One year riding uni

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything but today is my one year ‘universary’ (I’ll not take credit for the term. I saw it on another post here about a week ago but I like it). It was a year ago I borrowed a crappy 20” from a friend and decided to try something new and challenging. As many of you know, it was a very long, slow and frustrating learning curve for me but I persevered and it was sooo worth it. I still can’t do all the level 2 stuff (insert “I still suck” here) but I ride almost every day. I try to get out and do road miles every other day. On the off days I do the road miles on my road bike but then I get home and practice idling or tightening up my turns in the street in front of my house. Last week I did a 4 mile ride without a UPD on my 24” DX. Woohoo!! Finally started getting off road and doing a little muni riding too. A couple of weekends ago my wife and I took a camping trip to the Arizona desert to check out the wildflowers and I took the muni with me. I had a blast riding in the sandy washes. Not nearly as painful to fall in the sand (except for that one rock I found with my knee). I have a tendency to pick something new up and get going hot and heavy at it for a couple of years until the next new thing comes along. Unicycling feels different though. I think this ones got the staying power to keep me interested and challenged for years to come. The only other thing I’ve done in my life that has given me the same sense of accomplishment and, yes, general superiority was learning to be a musician. I know from other threads that this is a common theme in the unicycling community but the difference is that there are a lot less unicyclists out there than musicians. Anyway, this is the coolest thing I’ve learned !! Many thanks to all on this forum for their tips and encouragement.

Happy Universary!

Great going, Underdog!

I’ve still got a couple of months to go till mine, but it seems like I’ve been uniing for years!

Like you, I’m a bit of a butterfly with new hobbies, but I like the fact that there will always be something new to learn on a unicycle.

You’ve put in a lot more miles than me, I tend to do the practice in front of the house a lot more than longer rides. There is a steep hill from my house into the village, and so far I don’t think my legs would manage on the 20" and I’m scared I’ll go too fast on the 29" and face plant along 50 feet of tarmac…

Anyone else nearing their universary?

I can tell you first hand that it’s a lifetime skill.
I learned when Iwas nine… and now I’m 44…

… I put it away for a few years once… then you see it in the corner … looking dusty… then the next thing you know … you got the neighbors looking out the windows at you … comming up to you and asking when, where, how … etc…

And it never fails to put a smile on someone’s face.

I admire you. I started riding less than a year ago and unless I make some rapid advancments in the new few months, I could not ride that trail you are on.

Re: Happy Universary!

I have been riding for about a year.
My first 50 meters was 02-22-04.

When I started I intended to put in 5 miles per day, but reoccuring injuries, unicycle breakage, fear of
getting more injuries, and reduced focus made my progress half as good as I aimed.

I keep a unicycle log, and I have recorded 965.5 miles of riding - that averages 2.5 per day - exactly half of the distance I set out to ride.

I can hop 12" (in various ways) consistently
I can ride 10 miles off-road on an intermediate trail.
I can ride 6 miles per hour for extended distances.
I can hop 25-50 times before quitting consistently.
I can idle, 1foot, backwards - but I still don’t “own” the skills.
All of that is about the halfway point of my preset goals.

Even so, I am better on a unicycle than I ever was on a bike.

Edit: I was going to use age as an excuse, but I just checked your profile and you are 6 years older than I am! Now I really feel inadequate.

2 year riding universary

I bought my first unicycle March 28, 2003, shortly after I turned 50-years-old. It was to be “the only unicycle I would ever need”. Now I own 5.

I can ride backwards, idle (either foot down) and hop but I still cannot jump up onto a curb if it is more than about 3 or 4 inches. My current goals are a higher curb and riding one-foot. Oh, I can ride seat-out-front if I start by holding onto something.

Get a real MUni. It will make off-road riding a LOT easier.

Im actually approaching my 2 year universary, I bought my first uni, a 20" Norco, spring break 2003, and to commemorate the occasion im buying myself a second uni, a 29KHXC :smiley:

I’m approaching my 1 year too. I got my KH 24 last year in April (my first uni). I started roughly this time last year, when my girlfriend loaned me her muni for 2 weeks.

Now, i’ve got a KH 20, rusty giraffe (given to me), Schwinn 24" (ancient, given to me), and a Coker. Geez…5 unicycles in less than a year. i must be crazy!


Great going dude. When I started I borrowed a Miyata 20-inch from a family that unicycles. Then I got one for christmas and gave it back to them. And before I knew it, I’ve been riding over two years.

Likewise, man. I’ve lost count of the number of things I’ve started, got kinda good at, and then lost interest. But unicycling is here to stay. Like I said to a mate the other day, “The honeymoon period is over, and now its a deep love affair”

Man, she sounds cool!

Isn’t “universary” a great term?!? I forget who said it first but good work that man! He should be creditted for it.

{edit: I just went and looked, It Was “S7ev0” that coined the term. Nice one, man!


All you guys who’ve accumulated multiple unis are makeing me feel woefully inadequate. I need to get with it here and add to my fleet (is 2 a fleet?). I’ve got a cheapo Torker 20" (LX?) and a Torker DX24 that I just love. I’m seriously looking at a Kris Holm 29XC. Looks like a sweet ride and it’ll make the long road miles much easier. I’ve seen a few posts from folks who’ve bought this one and so far the reviews are good. Should have enough cash by mid-summer.

Good job on the research, DarkTom, finding out who coined the ‘Universary’ term. Unicycling schools could be called universities. Damn, that one’s already taken.

I met Kris Holm at a trade show last Feb. and I’ve been on a uni ever since, minus one month recovering from a Muni wreck. So I’ve been roughly a year in the saddle.

I learnd to ride when I was a kid–35 years ago–but nothing beyond freemounting and riding the old Schwinn down the block. So I didn’t have to “learn,” though idling, backward riding, one footing, WWing and, most of all, negotiating hard Muni runs was all new. A few months ago I was frustrated with seemingly slow progress, but I somehow got past that and am enjoying all the stuff I’m learning.

The most fun is finding a weakness, then training to overcome it.
Right now I’m starting to get dialed into sticking connected gaps and drops onto rounded surfaces. I kept fumbling the stillstand till I bought several of those big, rounded cement base plates that support umbrellas, and practiced hopping and stillstanding on those. It’s starting to come now. Learning is quite rewarding.

Best of all is the great group of guys I Muni with up in Santa Barbara. They’re all champs. We have a fricking blast every time out.


My work here is done.

dons colourful spandex suit and cape and flies off

Reviving a very old thread:
I was out riding the other day and remembered that I’ve been riding the wheel for nearly a year now, end of July is my universary. The word just popped up, so I googled it and found I wasn’t the first. S7ev0, your service to mankind will be remembered :slight_smile:

I’ve been wanting a unicycle since I was 15. 17 years later I finally get one, read the manual, watch few youtube videos, and get to it. After a week I could do maybe 5 meters. Next week, 50. Then I learned to make turns, and suddenly the kms were adding up. The grand total so far is 459 km on the 29er, 56 km on the MUni, and a few on the battered 20" which I’ll pass on to my brother. No tricks learned beyond freemounting and hopping. Don’t know if this impresses anyone but myself… Anyway, great fun has been had. The only downside is that the b*cycle kms are down since I got on the wheel. Oh well.

I got my neighbor in on it, but he hasn’t been active lately. Don’t know any other riders personally, so it’s great to have this forum around for inspiration!

Happy Unicycling Birthday :slight_smile:

I’m coming up on 18 months. I’m sort of a unicycling toddler. I started on a whim after seeing a little girl riding a unicycle at the park. I just wanted to see if I could do it. Now I have 3 unicycles, and I ride them all regularly. It’s the longest I’ve stuck with any form of exercise.

corbin is the only one from this group who still posts regularly. I don’t know if that means the others have stopped riding or just stopped posting. I hope I’m still riding and posting in 2017.

I have been riding for a bit longer than a year. so now I have been putting it into my circus act. I can ride forwards and backwards, idle, idle one footed, ride one footed. a short wheel walk, ride seat out in front. And I can free mount, suicide mount and kick up mount.

To celebrate my first trip around the sun on a uni I bought me a nimbus performer giraffe. I call it the spider caue i’m scared of it

Oh and I can juggle while idling and throw a hat from my foot to head while idling one footed