One year in Dijon (France)

A French video… At Dijon: One Year in our “association” (Pas Le Bon Pied)!

Sorry my english is so bad… That’s why I’m not writing a long speech! ^^

Enjoy and feel free to make criticisms (good or bad)

Nice! I liked how so many clips were packed into the video.

I’ve got to get myself some of those blade-things that make you jump super high when put on your feet! :roll_eyes: :smiley:

Great vid! You have a lot of unicyclists! The superman part was hilarious.:smiley:

loved the slacklineing, have you tried unicycling on it?

Blade things = powerisers!

I didn’t even try on the slack… Not yet… :smiley:

awesome vid :slight_smile:
so many clips :o
and a lot of fun clips :smiley:

That’s Entertainment!:slight_smile:


Wow, great video!

That’s the France I want to see.

Awesome video.

Great vid! Very entertaining, nice bails too.

Loved the unicycling, the powerbocking and slacklining broke it up quite nicely too :slight_smile:

<<< My avatar is me on my powerisers :smiley:

If you try 17 and April 18, 2010, it will “Dijon Sur La Roue” (Dijon On The Wheel) …
More info to come …

A clip-happy cornucopia of non-stop fun, and ADD approved! :smiley:

very funny vid!