One year DOES make a difference

One year ago today, XGAMES VII in Aspen Sunday, this happeed me. :angry:

Today I had a totally positive ride. 6" of snow had just fallen, temperature was 15 degrees F. The trail which goes to the XGames was challenging, kind of like uniing a dirt trail with horse hoove tracks set in it. I made to the XGames, w/o a UPD, with the typical horns honking, people yelling, etc. Cokering right to the entrance of the XGames was awesome, felt like I was totally doing the right thing. Watched the Skier Slopestyle final run, and then Cokered home with same results, cold toes though.

If you havent watched any of the XGames, shame on you, it’s awesome and they are showing them live. It’s on the next three nights,ESPN or ABC, and some during the day.

The guy was 33 years old!?! He probably still lives at home with his parents. I would not be suprised if he was 22, but 33. Time to grow up and act like a man, not a teenager.

Re: One year DOES make a difference

So how did that case end? Just curious.

Klaas Bil

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yeah, do tell?

I’ve often had people take a sharp sideways step toward me as I pass by. It’s one of the more annoying reactions I get. I assume the intention is to surprise me into falling off, as they seem to treat the whole thing as a joke. I’ve never had anyone actually follow through, though. Bummer.

Price wont be laughing when his cell buddy body checks him :astonished: from behind.:smiley:

I called the courts on the day he was to appear, and was told that it had been postponed because his (A.P.) lawyer had asked for a extension for his court date. At that point, I was satisfied that he had to take time out of his life and money out of his pocket to deal with his inappropriate action. I never did follow up after that, it didnt matter to me at that point. Maybe I’ m to much of a nice guy? I enjoy the sport too much, just wanted to keep the good times rollin.

fair enough

i was hoping u would’ve had a chance to teach him how to ride so he can spend his community service sentence teaching kids


Like I wanted to see his face again. I’ll teach the kids.