one wheeled trailer for bike to carry uni

After riding a few miles to my friends house and having to were a huge backpack to fit all my stuff in and having to ride my uni because I couldnt carry it on my bike I decided to make a trailer for my bike so I can take lots of stuff and most importantly my uni and travel long distances fast. last night and earlyer today I went down to our garrage and I made a one wheeled trailer for my bike (it was going to be for my uni as well but I could make it for one or the other and decided to make it for the bike) it looks quite good and works well.

heres a few pics (it has 2 different sized wheels on it in the pics but I am going to stick with the smaller, 16" wheel because it rides better)

what do you all think?

bigger wheel.jpg

side veiw.jpg

small wheel.jpg

small wheel side veiw.jpg

universal joint.jpg

Nice, I have a wight saving idea! :-
Attactch the arm to the uni and let it roll!

Nice job.

I thought about doing something like that but then I decided not to because firstly I wouldnt be able to fit as much stuff on it, secondly it would wear my uni tyre down and I would have to take my uni everywere and lastly it would be pretty hard to atatch the arm to the uni securly, also as it is now it only takes about 30 seconds to strap it on and about 10 or 20 to unstrap it which im sure is alot less than it would be if I just attached the arm to my uni, any way, thanks for the response

That looks pretty neat. I saw this trailer earlier on today just browsing the web.

nice job, but it looks a little long, be careful when making turns, you’ll either clip your trailer on something or somebody will get clipped by your trailer.

looks very cool, although i have to say i recon a backpack would be more practical…

but either way it looks sweet, maybe as zfreak said, a little long…

It has to be quite long so that it clears the back wheel (why do they put one of those on bikes I dont no) its not too long though and it doesnt seem to cut the corners very much, I think because it leans when the bike leans it helps it turn the corners. im just about to cycle into town with it and my uni which is about 6 miles so I will tell you what its like after that.

nice job
i liked the idea

Well this is what i’m getting soon. It’s pretty good apparently considering it has a strong plastic base. :smiley: :smiley:


how much is that going to be costing you?

Well new, it would be US$199.00 but i’m getting from my lady friend for $100Aus. Cause she doesn’t want it anymore. :smiley:

I have one that my Grandpa made out of thinwall conduit.
its farily light and VERY strong. it isn’t any longer than that one there, but it has a much longer basket (its made for hauling deer/hogs out of brush on a trail of some kind. I’m not showing you a design. sorry. Its too much of a family thing to make bike trailers like that.

only problem w/ those is that the arm will rub the tire sometimes when going slow/and turning all the way around. and the 2 wheel design flips over.
I have a wooden one almost exactly like that. its almost scary how similar it is.

how much is that going to be costing you?

I have sprayed it a nice blue to match my uni and bike and it looks realy good, almost profetional I will post some more pics as soon as I take them

That looks very professional.

Would it be possible to cut the big attachment arm just behind the wheel and put a corner in there, so the arm went backwards to behind the wheel, then straight down to the trailer? The trailer would be like a foot closer to the bike then?

I have one of these trailers, and they are really good. Thing is, they cost as much as a reasonable unicycle to buy new, so good on you sp4rky-m4rky for building one.
I also built a couple of trailers in my younger days. I’ll see if I can get some pics up.

Ok, I scanned some old photos in, they’re a bit rough, but you’ll get the picture…
This one was a lot of fun, you could sit someone in it and tow them around.
2 wheeled trailer
This one was used for camping and riding down to the shops
1 wheeled trailer

nice job!!

of course you made it for the bike. there`s no sense in meking it for the uni… its supposed to carry it…

I just think you should cover the wheel in some way so it wont get in the way of stuff you put on the trailer…

very nice job though!